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(From the cover of Mad #16 [October 1954], art H. Kurtzman)

True, the spoof newspaper headline above refers to certain comics becoming "underground" as in "illegal" (this being when Dr. Wertham and friends were trying to accomplish precisely that), as opposed to "countercultural." Even so, actual underground comix creators such as R. Crumb and Art Spiegelman have credited Mad, in its original comic-book format (1952-1954), as a major influence on their work. As Spiegelman put it in his Breakdowns anthology, "Mad warped a generation. In the bland American 1950s [...] [i]t was saying: 'The media--the whole damn adult world--is lying to you...and we here at Mad are part of the media!'"

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We've talked a lot about CIVIL WAR and the JMS Spider-Man run elsewhere on this board, so I thought I would post a few pages about the big unmasking.

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"My strategy was to backtrack her design into a character. Work from the outside in, as it were. It was pretty clear she had a very important, formal position. But, because I don't like any of my character's lives to be easy, I thought it would be more interesting to make that a major contrast in her. So Windblade became a very hopeful, youthful character trying to fill a role that's a little too big for her. Everything else built from there," she explained.


"I, personally, am working toward the future, and the future I want to see is one where more little kids, and grown men, and teenage girls—where more people like Transformers and get joy from it," Scott said. "It's not the grandest dream, but it's mine."

--Mairghread Scott

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Writer: Mairghread Scott
Artist: Sarah Stone
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"As for the future, it’s been a huge honor to get work in film and television over the last few years, and I’m open to doing more down the line, but right now, I’d just like to concentrate on comics. Other than my family, nothing brings me more joy than making new shit, and I think there’s still no better visual medium to tell original stories than comics." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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EW has debuted the new layout of the multiverse as envisaged by Grant Morrison for the forthcoming Multiversity.

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"I plan to use every one of the thousand new Inhumans over the 600 issues this series will run." - Charles Soule, on his plans for INHUMAN

Three and one-third pages from Charles Soule and Ryan Browne's short story in ORIGINAL SINS #3...

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Since I got the most recent trade of Mike Mignola and Christoper Golden's non-Hellboy related series Baltimore, I thought that I'd post some more of it here.

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Belated! Now, HERE's a decent Bruce post:

But seriously, for my probably last Bat-Day post, here's one of, if not the, saddest Batman scene from No Man's Land ('Tec #275): Read more... )

Food for Thought:
It's been months since I posted the question, but now I finally know where Alfred was the night the Waynes were killed.
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'There was a vogue in the late eighties and early nineties for reforming villains -- you had the Sandman reforming, the Rogues Gallery going straight, and Kaluu was one of those as well. He was still doing the black magician thing, and being very sinister and creepy, but he was using his sinister creepiness for good purpose. Anyway, I always found these types of stories very optimistic -- they showed growth and change, and that even the bad guys were human beings who could redeem themselves, and it was nice to see the arc of the universe trending towards some form of absolution.

'As you can imagine, when they all got reversed a few more years down the road it was quite depressing, so, at least in the corner of comics I can reach, reformed bad guys stay reformed. Kaluu, at least, is still fighting the good fight, even if he's doing it in quite a "villain" sort of way.'
-- Al Ewing

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Next post, a decent Bruce one, I swear. But right now, B&R #32 and Robin Rises: Omega:

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Food for Thought: They just released some previews for Batman Earth One: Volume Two at SDCC. Apparently Croc is in it, although no news for the Riddler.


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