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"I just greatly admire that confidence of his writing. I just feel no matter if he’s writing about World War II or superheroes, he’s the kind of author that as you’re reading, you know that he knew no one was looking over his shoulder as he was doing this. He’s writing only for himself and for his collaborators. And just a real economy of language, and letting pictures do a lot of the heavy lifting. I think few people are better craftsmen, just pound for pound, I think there are few better writers than Garth Ennis in our business." - Brian K. Vaughan

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"No one talks about these event comics years down the road unless they are a disaster, cost jobs, and crash the market. Just finished SW 8." - Jonathan Hickman

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Brenden Fletcher: I think Batgirl as a character had been in such a dark place, it was an obvious journey for us. Cameron [Stewart] and I wanted for her to be the Batgirl that we grew up with — not exactly in her characterization, but in the way that she felt like the iconic version of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl: Yvonne Craig from the 1966 Batman TV show, Barbara Gordon from Batman: The Animated Series, from the old comics in the 1960s and 70s. We wanted to feel that from the character.

Writers: Brenden Fletcher & Cameron Stewart
Artist: Babs Tarr

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Comic Book Resources: How much does the music aspect play a role -- is it a major component, or more in the background?

Fletcher: It informs the situation, but the situation, of course, involves a woman who is ex-military, and potentially the best martial artist on the planet. Trouble kind of follows her around. While they're trying to go on this tour, while they're trying to make the most of this unique opportunity that they've been given to have a record deal, and play all these shows, really they just end up in fights all the time, and people end up hurt. That's maybe a problem. It fuels the story.

Wu: What I have in mind, stylistically, music plays a big part in that. I look at a lot of gig posters and music videos; the theatrical aspect of being on stage, all that fun stuff. Hopefully our final product will have that feeling of a rock tour. Halftones and bold colors. That, plus, al the kung fu action and all that kind of stuff. Hopefully it'll be a really fun, vibrant, energetic final product.

Writer: Brenden Fletcher
Artist: Annie Wu

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"I have a fondness for Ultron. Because he's so changeable - he's a character who comes in iterations, each of which is slightly different to the last, ranging from cold and emotionless to a very human insanity - you can really do what you like with him without it being 'out of character'. There've been good Ultrons, mad Ultrons, sad Ultrons, and last time I wrote him I was essentially doing Daleks and Cybermen. This is actually my first time writing the actual Big Boss Ultron himself, and... hopefully my version fits in with the great tapestry of Ultrons through the years. I've not actually seen what Alan Davis's done with him yet, but I described Ultron in the plot as 'very glam', so we'll see." -- Al Ewing

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I wanted to do this post on Cyborg ever since it was announced by DC. Not because he's one of my favorite characters (although there are some parts of him I like), but because I also wanted to include a very important essay about the character that made me rethink some qualities of him. As such, I felt it was important to share it with the community along with this preview. Read more... )
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Comic Vine: Chad, I was going to ask, what’s it like because the scripts, the stories are nuts.

Chad Hardin: It’s…you like being surprised. You like having new things and new experiences. With Jimmy and Amanda, it’s never a dull moment. You never see it coming. You can’t predict where it’s coming from. It helps keep the art fresh because you’re not bored, you’re not doing the same old thing over and over again. It’s always something new and always something fun.

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(Sorry, I had to get that out of my system and better now than later)

Now as you know, I pride myself on being the manliest of men, the most testosterone-driven pile of XY chromosome derived masculinity as you could ever hope to meet...

And like all manly men, I have an unfeasily large interest in a mid 1980's cartoon series called "Jem", a series with an almost entirely female cast (only three regular male characters over the whole series; the heroine's boyfriend, the evil manager, and a rival band's lead singer in the last run of episodes) and featuring more female agency than most other cartoon series since the mid 1980's combined! In the words of the theme song there was 'Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame', but also adventure, romance, a heroine who is an executive as well as a pop star, some sci fi in the form of her hologram projecting earrings, exotic locations and... well, pretty much everything you'd hope for in a cartoon (and no ccomedy relief pets!)

I posted some of the preview character bios, and also a little sample of #2 a few weeks back, but those are the only posted pages on S-D do far (somewhat to my surprise), so I though that, now #3 is out, I would make a slightly longer look at it, because by heck it deserves one.

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