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The Crusader's one of those; what drives him, you might be able to guess from his name.

He first appeared in Thor #330.

There, he had things to say about worshipers of the God of Thunder he'd seen his fellows watching on TV.

They weren't good. )
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Batman 49 came out this week, setting up Bruce Wayne's return as Batman for the big next issue. And what a path it was to that point in this issue, so much that I kind of felt the need to post that return in the last three-ish pages because it was a thing of art.

The Return of the one true Batman )
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"Most superheroic pseudonyms are intended to be understood metaphorically. Iron Man isn't really a man made of iron. Green Lantern isn't a piece of verdant camping equipment, and, by and large, the Beast is in fact a lovely fellow. When it comes to superheroes whose names can be taken literally, or, better yet, at--ahem--face value, there's no more outstanding example than the Eye."

--Jon Morris, The League of Regrettable Superheroes, 46.

Eye don't know how the writer-artist came up with this )
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"You will be the laughed at, generation of geologists who believed in the subduction theory. Just like those who believed the Sun went around the Earth or the Earth was flat and you could fall off the edge. You are the duped generation of geologists. Let me rip at your heart and brain for a few minutes, and give you a chance at redemption. As a geologist did you ever sit and contemplate a group of geodes? Some, cut apart, or one, simply together, as a rock? Fascinating, aren't they? Humble things, geodes? Hmmmmm?

"What if I told you that a geode was a model for the Earth, all planets, moons and even suns? I mean even without deep discussion, you do see the similarities yes? They're round for the most part. They have a crust of many types of material. Then under that crust it's more crystal, but the crystal is randomly angled as if it were adjusting to new random angles, but further in the angles are clearly pushing outward (and inward) perpendicular to the surface, unlike the near-surface angles.

"These crystals, as you know, are straight sided like, say, basalt or iron. Straight-sided crystals aiming outward are in an odd place being in a ball. Because the ball shape resists the straight sided being larger on the outside, smaller on the inside. So the crystals are irregular lengths going inward. They all can't grow inward regularly, can they? They would compress tighter and tighter. So they accede to their neighbor longer shafts going in.

"Yes, molecules do add to the inner ends creating compression and having no inward release they must push outward. This is growth without life! (A stepping stone for life, perhaps.) Now this is physics, of course, and you geologists don't talk to physicists much, so you wimp out. They would tell you if straight sides grow within a sphere, inward they will push outward and as a result the geode will grow outward! So, a geode grows! It does? It must!! That's physics!!!" - Neal Adams

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"That was a conversation in the room. Something that was absolutely talked about was should [the Fantastic Four] die? I had absolutely zero interest in telling that story. Because it runs completely contrary to everything that I feel about that franchise and everything that I feel about those characters." - Jonathan Hickman

One third of a 34-page comic )
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Yeah I’m really conscious of that, we do have these overarching plots we have to serve, but Cameron and I are conscious of new readers coming in at any point, and making this series and the other two series I’m writing, Gotham Academy and Black Canary, not feel bogged down by the long histories of the characterizes, by all these decades worth of stories that came before. I never want to discount any of that or make it seem like those points of continuity never took place. But I just think each issue needs to feel like a fresh place for a new reader to start, that they can come in and get something out of it. - Brenden Fletcher

"I would argue that the people that enjoy this don't know the real Barbara Gordon at all. They like this because they don't know any better. She has been around since 1967. That is 49 years. This current run is a blip of her total history. Stewart's run accounts for about 2% of her accumulated existence. When I evaluate her, I evaluate her against herself. His run is absolutely not a fair representation of the character by any means.

Maybe this is a Batgirl that certain people can relate to, but is it really the kind of Batgirl we want them looking up to and emulating.

A lot of these characters are more real to me than people I know in reality. Batgirl is like my sister for crying out loud. And right now, Stewart is telling lies about her. You think I'm just going to stand by and watch somebody badmouth my sister. I protect my own. Since Batgirl is a fictional character, she can't defend herself. She needs people like you and me to defend her. If you really had her back, like your name implies, you wouldn't be defending this.
"- Brandon Mulholand, reviewer for Batman-News

Writer: Cameron Stewart& Brenden Fletcher
Artist: Babs Tarr for #46 and Eleonora Carlini & Moritat for #47
Colorist: Serge Lapointe

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