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For those who might think the Jem comic book is too bright and shiny, well the third arc is going in completely the other direction as we meet

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"Everyone thought we were killing Kyle Rayner and didn't respect the character when, in fact, we were launching a book that was an epic Kyle Rayner story. This is Kyle Rayner's chance to be at the center of an insane cosmic adventure. Kyle is the main character. He is the lead, and he is the hero." -- Tom King

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Siege #3

Oct. 9th, 2015 03:11 pm
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'Alexander the Great was annoyed that there were no more worlds to conquer, but Kang has ever more worlds to conquer. I think my biggest influence was "Avengers Forever" Kang. I thought what Kurt [Busiek] and Carlos [Pacheco] did on that was really cool.' -- Kieron Gillen

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"Generally speaking, me doing a Darth Vader book is something that does make a worrying amount of sense. One of the more common critiques of my Superhero work is always that I spend too much time with the bad guys. Well, here, this isn’t a problem." -- Kieron Gillen

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"I was in the CIA for a bunch of years and did counter-terrorism work. A lot of it overseas. I lived in an environment where religious cultures were clashing with the highest of stakes. In an environment where the good guys and bad guys seemed clear at first, and then as you went along, it wasn’t clear at all. Alliances kept shifting. And the enemy of my enemy became our friend. And then that enemy became our enemy. It got more and more tangled.

"I want to bring that all, through metaphor, into Omega Men. I can’t help but bring it into Omega Men." -- Tom King

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In this week's All-New All-Different Marvel Point One, we get a short teaser story from the Daredevil's upcoming creative team. Two and two-third pages out of eight below.

"I had never worked with Ron before this series, but I love his pages. I feel like he’s doing exactly what I would have asked for—the look is classic, but it has a real punch to it. It’s super hero storytelling with an incredible noir-y attitude to it." - Charles Soule

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