Uber #17

Oct. 25th, 2014 07:27 pm
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"Uber relaxing into a three- and five-panel structure is something I find fascinating. Three-panel is something I connect intensely with Warren Ellis (and Millar, though never in this mode). Five-panel storytelling is Garth Ennis." -- Kieron Gillen

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Harvey Comics is best remembered as a publisher of kids' comics, but like MLJ/Archie, there was a time it dealt in a variety of genres, including horror, giving that up only when the establishment of the Comics Code Authority in 1954 put an end to stories such as the one I present here in its entirety, from Chamber of Chills #7 (April 1952; scans of this public domain title courtesy of ComicBookPlus.com). The gruesome denouement of "Crawling Death" (writer unknown, art by Abe Simon and Don Perlin) got special mention in Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent. Trigger warning for gore.

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That title isn't a joke. Junji Ito is having an official collaboration with Pokemon. Pokemon has created a site entitled "Kowapoke" (or "scary Pokemon") which features, among other things, Ito's take on certain Pokemon. So far only two are up, but they'll probably release more along the line.

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Previously on part 5, Starscream almost had everything he ever wanted, Megatron showed up to ruin everything, Bumblebee was refreshingly sensible, Metalhawk was suspicious, Prowl was sad, Wheeljack was dead(ish), and lots of people got hurt.

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"You can’t really punch anybody – they’re children. I guess you could pick one up by the ankles and hit the other ones with him." -- Mark Waid

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'I just really love Deathlok. Sometimes it comes down to that. At the time I pitched this idea to Marvel they were fine with it. The idea was that they're doing this new "Deathlok" series so why not give the other guys one last go?' -- James Robinson

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P. Craig Russell's psychedelic adaptation of Lovecraft's "mad science" tale, originally written in 1920 and published in 1934. From Heavy Metal Vol. 18, No. 2 (May 1994).

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"I'd like to do a New Mutants book, but that's not what Marvel is interested in, and to be frank, not where the money is for me." - Jonathan Hickman

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The return of ForgetMeNot, the X-Men whose power is that nobody can remember him...

'The MU is a violent place. That's something I suspect a lot of readers unthinkingly overlook (another clever subconscious act of self-trickery, perhaps). We use terms like "all-action!" and "then they battle!" because it distinguishes the depicted violence from the real thing, which by the way is sordid and unbeautiful and uncinematic, and if you've ever been unlucky enough to witness true physical destruction then it festers in the mind of the beholder like a psychic cancer . . . I kind of decided that if any book was going to go spelunking for some value in reminding readers of the truth -- that scenes including violence are automatically about violence -- then [X-Force]'d be the one . . . You don't get to enjoy a book about violence without it occasionally turning 'round to bite you on the arse. Sorry.' - Si Spurrier

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Hi folks!

You may have noticed in the occasional requests threads that I have been making requests for scans of Jademan Comics. I finally found one of my own issues.

For those of you are younger, or missed them when they were around, Jademan Comics were an attempt by entrepreneur Tony Wong to bring his successful Hong Kong comics to an English-speaking audience. They had a decent spread of genres, but he decided the market was best for kung fu comics.

These tended to be long-running soap operas filled with dozens of characters, who solved all their problems with martial arts. (Martial arts was also often the cause of all their problems.) Jademan was an early adopter of computer coloring, so often had some interesting effects.

Unfortunately, Mr. Wong got caught doing something illegal with money (the details are lost to my memory), went to jail, and the company's overseas ventures collapsed.

Eleven pages of thirty-three--I'm unsure of the copyright status of Jademan in the U.S., but some of the licenses were picked up by other Hong Kong comics companies.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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Things have been abit quiet around here lately in regards to new Transformers pages since the end of the Dark Cybertron arc. IDW has a new arc coming out soon actually, called the Combiner Wars. RID #33 leads into it abit, and since #34 just came out I'm putting a few pages up. 

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