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"It’s a love letter! It’s everything we love about superhero comics. We got it in our heads that we’re probably still four or five years away from being let loose on a Marvel or DC book, so we decided to build our own. Buzzkill already had this rich superhero world in the background and we could go play in that world. It’s a good hook, but without the other stuff it just becomes about what are we going to repo next week and that gets old.

The thing I like about The Paybacks is that in mainstream superhero comics you get a first act and then you’re perpetually in the second act. Spider-Man is always in his second act forever. The thing I like about The Paybacks and Buzzkill is that you’re going to get that third act.

From page one, panel one all of these superheroes have already lost. It’s over. How do you carry on and become a hero again when you’re a slave to the system?"

- Donny Cates

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"I had this line in Captain America and the Falcon where Captain America was on the verge of having an affair with the Scarlet Witch, and he was not sure if he should proceed, and Falcon turns to him and says, I just realized something, you stink at problems you can’t solve with your fists.

"And I wanted to demonstrate that Deathstroke does not need to solve every problem with his fists. That he is an incredibly intelligent guy, and his intellect hasn’t always been the highlight of his adventures. In my book, his intellect is his deadliest weapon and his greatest superpower. A lot of times, he doesn’t have to whack you out, he just has to give you enough rope to hang yourself."
-- Christopher J. Priest

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

All this time there's been something about Trump's rhetorical style which has seemed familar, something I remembered from somewhere but couldn't put my finger on....and now I know what it was. (Seriously, watch the video, it's not a quick one-off gag, it's approaching the genuinely unsettling)

It's Lara Croft's 20th anniversary today!. (I confess I tried to play one, but died so often on the training level I could never muster the interest to play any further)

2016 continues to give the Grim Reaper some serious overtime, and this weeks death list includes Steve Dillon, Jack Chick, Pete Burns and Bobby Vee.

Special note should e given to the loss, earlier in the month, of Michiyo Yasuda, whose work as a colourist for Studio Ghibli helped shape the look of some of their most important films. If you, as many, can recognise a Ghibli movie just from looking at a single image, chances are it is because of her work.

With the end of it's 6th season, Transformers: Rescue Bots has seemingly aired it's last ever episode.

Doctor Who spin-off "Class", premiered in the UK this weekend past to generally positive reviews. It's not entirely clear what target audience it's aimed at, it's an odd mix of Buffy, Torchwood and Hollyoaks (And not always the best bits of each, though I'd say the Torchwood elements work better when applied to a bunch of schoolkids than they did from a team of apparent expert professionals). A surprising amount of gore, some near swearing and a cast of variable quality (though some are excellent) and Peter Capaldi making an appearance in the first episode.

Lynda Carter made her debut in Supergirl as the President of the USA... Oh, if only....
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but one whose passing is unlikely to engender anything like the heartfelt tribute of other recent losses as his work was... well "Extreme" is understating it

Jack T Chick, creator of the infamous Chick Tracts, has died at the age of 92.

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Courtesy of ComicVine's preview of Teen Titans #1

A chill wind blows across the face of the Earth;

In Arkham, the Scarecrow wraps his arms around his legs and rocks backwards and forwards, mumbling consoling words to himself.

Sinestro shudders, even the vacuum of space could not cause the cold sensation running down his spine.

Even on the grim world of Apokalips, the mighty Darkseid raises his head and utters that rarest of sounds, a laugh (if a sound like slamming coffin lids down a mineshaft can be called a laugh), as he realises what has transpired on Earth.

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"I lifted that classic kind of American horror film structure, where two attractive young people go somewhere to have sex and are punished for it by their world turning to shit. Patton Oswalt said it best: ‘There’s nothing in the woods! Gimme some of that pussy! CHOP!’ Simple structure, simple goal– get through the town full of zombies to jump in the boat and escape– and the fun is in what happens to them along the way."

- Warren Ellis

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Because why should [personal profile] cyberghostface have a monopoly on posting tales of the weird, of the creepy, of the unexpected this time of month?

When I was a wee lad, I once took some banjo lessons from a nice Mr. Jones. It suitably traumatized me for the rest of the week, and probably a few days after that.

Fast-forward several years, when some urge I can no longer remember prompted me to go and read several more issues of Twisted Tales. To my relief as well as vague disappointment, I began to realize why no-one really talks about any TT stories besides "Banjo Lessons". Most of TT's oeuvre - to be brutally honest - is hackwork, relying on much the same formula as the horror cinema of the time: gore galore, nudity galore, and splashy twist endings galore. Logical plotting was not a priority, to the point where some of the stories' Wikipedia write-ups are scarier than the stories themselves.

To make things worse, Bruce Jones insisted on personally writing (almost) every story, and while he's rightfully hailed as the West's Junji Ito, even his creativity had limits. TT puttered to a fairly sad end after ten issues, with one particular story in #9 being a red-faced admission that the party was pretty much over.

But before TT folded, it managed at least one indisputable gem - a story that managed to be haunting and heartfelt all at once, without any need for blood or boobs or even speech bubbles. It's more of an illustrated short-story than a proper comic, which lends it unique pacing and atmosphere but also makes it a pain to trim without letting all the air out. I've done the best I could here, but I urge the lot of you to seek out the whole thing by any means necessary.
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STAR TREK TNG: THE SPACE BETWEEN #4 takes place in the fifth or sixth season, when Ensign Ro was part of the crew.

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