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So, IDW has been publishing Transformers comics. They are pretty good!

Two characters in particular drew my attention: big bad Megatron and his treacherous second Starscream. So I've decided to make a bunch of posts about their interactions in the series.

Decepticons, transform and rise up! )
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'When I first started attending comicbook conventions, in the Seventies, and thru them became aware of the attitudes of STAR TREK fans, I was somewhat horrified by the way they were so relentlessly dismissive of this TV series they claimed to love so much. Everywhere I looked, it seemed, there were snarky little jabs and pokes, everything from the ennui-engorged affectations of commenting on the "cheesy special effects", to calling the original Klingon uniforms "the bumblebees". I saw plenty of this in comic "fans", too. It was most depressing. "Oh, please," I would moan, "let this not be the AUDIENCE!!"' - John Byrne

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Hi folks!

This is the third post in the Jump Start series, this week featuring Sporting Salt by Yuta Kubota.

17 pages of 55.

Basically, Doogie Howser, M.D. if he was a sports medicine specialist. )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Meant to post these a couple of weeks back, but forgot all about it.


Boom Studios have produced a new six part mini-series called "Wild's End", which is sort of described as being "The Wind in the Willows" meets "The War of the Worlds"

That's quite a hook, no? )

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Hi folks!

As I mentioned last time, Lawdog had his own series under the Heavy Hitters label. Let's look at the first issue.

Yep, 90s. Which isn't to say Lawdog didn't have its own charms, especially early on. Art by Flint Henry. 9 pages of 28, plus an early Halloween treat.

Lost Highway )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Certain creators not liking certain characters is nothing new. But sometimes it is hard to tell.
In GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, it certainly seemed Geoff Johns doesn't like Batman. Specifically, the post-Zero Hour Batman. John Stewart said Batman never liked Hal Jordan because Hal wasn't afraid of him. (Because Batman's just that petty.) But let's move on to INFINITE CRISIS.

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Now, everybody who has been reading New Avengers properly, as opposed to short extracts posted out of context here, will know that it is hilarious. Usually the comedy comes from Maximus the Mad or Namor the Submariner. However, as there has been a, for want of a better spoiler-free term, reshuffle of the characters in this book, humour has to come from elsewhere.

And so here is a masterclass in comic timing from Jonathan Hickman )


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