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Did anybody else pick up Lake of Fire's double sized issue 1 this week?

To me, this is a story about faith. It's about how faith can elevate the human spirit and also lead it down some of the darkest paths imaginable. It's about how faith provides easy and false answers to complex questions, and how those answers can nevertheless give us the courage to live without fear and, hopefully, to be our best selves. The characters in this story come from the depths of the Dark Ages. Their entire world is viewed through the prism of faith. Their ignorance, compared to ours, is so profound that it's almost unimaginable. They don't know why they get sick, or why the seasons change, or why the sun goes down at night. All they have to cling to is their faith. So the ways in which our characters use their faith to understand and confront the bewildering and terrifying situation they are faced with is what's really fascinating and compelling to me. - Nathan Fairbairn

IT's another Image high-concept book, where the concept is "take something that is new and interesting and mash it up with something that is old and tired."
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It was four issues putting the latter in the former.

It opened with a Nazi rally in New York being broken up by the Shadow, his .45s, and some explosions.

The vigilante and his allies got away; in the backseat of their getaway car, his assistant Margo Lane pointed out how indiscriminate his justice was.

There'd been women and children down there, where he'd fired bullets and she'd set bombs. The Shadow answered that he'd taken his precautions, that he'd shot only those who shot at him, and that " [t]he weed of crime.. "

She cut him off, saying that he'd lost something- a " ..connection to people, to humanity. "

" I used to be weaker. I used to know fear. Compassion. Mercy.

" They interfere with the work. "

" Compassion isn't a weakness. Mercy isn't a weakness. Kent Allard knew that, but you've forgotten all about him. He's buried under too many masks. "

An explosion nearby punctuated her remark.

Another one directly under them echoed that.

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'If you’ve ever seen the trio of plays “The Norman Conquests”—three plays set at the same time in different rooms—that's the kind of thing. NEW AVENGERS is happening in the next room of the House of Ideas, and we get to see what happens behind the scenes of a major crossover while the rest of the Marvel Universe is busy. How come no villains ever time any crimes or schemes to occur during these big hero-on-hero battles, people ask? Well, they did. And here it is.' -- Al Ewing

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"The fun for me is seeing these characters, who are very grounded and very realistic kids, and then have these insane things starting to happen, and then having them be able to react to it the way maybe a normal teenager would, as opposed to a teenager who's grown up in 50 years of superheroes flying around them."

- Jeff Lemire

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Viz Media has been releasing a new series for free online called The Emperor and I. We are just going to take a look at the first chapter and hopefully, it peaks your interest.

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