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"Spending much of today feeling sorry for Simon Fraser. Which is to say, writing Doctor Who." -- Si Spurrier

Featuring: Titan Publishings's "Way to get around the fact we don't have the rights to visually depict Daleks" #21:

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

So we're now officially into December, with the festive season for a number of the major faiths either upcoming or in progress... What specific festivities are you looking forward to? Is there anything local/regional which you'd care to share?

At a convention in Brazil, Toei announced three new Saint Seiya projects; a new CGI anime, a LIVE ACTION MOVIE and a third, secret project that will be confirmed at a later date. (the same convention had all life-sized gold saint cloths on display and they look very cool

A teaser Trailer for the fifth Transformers movie dropped... yeah... so... that happened.

Likewise the new Mummy movie trailer, I'll give them some respect for A) Not making it a period piece (The Karloff original was set in the then present day too) and B) Playing it as a horror film rather than jokey action adventure which was already nicely covered by Brendan Frasier. And this will be the start of the new Universal Monster movie Universe (Depending on whether the Dracula 2014 movie that no one seems to remember much about is included or not Update: Apparently, it's NOT included).

Back in the real world, North Korea seems to have hacked South Korean military. This can only end well....

The Brexit Supreme Court case is getting a lot of column inches, but the judges seem remarkably uninterested in the demands of the 24 hour news cycle so there's not a lot to say yet. And as the judges are not going to be rushed, watching the more fanatical newpapers grinding their teeth in frustration is actually a lot of fun.

We bid farewell to Van Williams, TV's Green Hornet, who has died aged 82.

And in my apparently compulsory LEGO reference this week, a minifigure near and dear to my heart has been confirmed, TARTAN BATMAN!

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I may or may not post more extensively from the book - which I enjoyed, despite not particularly liking the art - later, but for now, I just post a short sequence that I particularly enjoyed...

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I discovered this Golden Age action hero (created by Bob Powell for Hit Comics in 1940) via the Tumblr blog F**k Yeah Warrior Women and immediately fell in love with her. Attorney (later District Attorney) Betty Bates enjoyed a ten-year run (unusual for a non-superpowered, supporting character), and it's no wonder: in addition to her legal know-how, she was a skilled detective, knew jiu-jitsu, and was handy with her fists too. In the following story (public domain, scans courtesy of, we see her stand up to sexual harassment, speak truth to power, and foil a kidnapping. As if that weren't awesome enough, the story conveniently comes with a "context is for the weak" panel!

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"We all know someone like Lou: the one who strives so hard to be organized, to be ambitious, to participate in the anodyne rat race around her like a good little consumer ... but just can't do it. She's got too much chaos in her. The tragedy of Lou, and a billion people like her, is that nobody's ever told her it's okay to be chaotic." -- Si Spurrier

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"That scar grows so large that it affects his entire brain, and Doctor Doom becomes the ultimate villain. He’ll do anything to anybody. Why? Because you haven’t got that scar! He has! And who do you think you are, not having a scar like that? And that’s the point of Doctor Doom. It’s a totally human viewpoint. It’s an inferiority complex." - Jack Kirby

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