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Amazing Spider-Man #238-239.

Ok I fold, I yield to reposting this. Well the first part to this series anyway. For those who remember in the original Scans Daily I posted a ton of the Hobgoblin stuff. Though I cannot repost my words to it all. I do have the scans. Well.. with them being minorly adjusted for the rules.

This story starts out as how Spider-Man came to be the wall-crawler we know. After foiling a heist Pete chases captures most of the game save for one, a hood named Georgie. The hood escapes Spidey by going into the sewers and then accidently stumbling upon the lair of Norman Osborn.

Georgie knowing his boss will be pissed at the heist being blown, figures this will be please his mysterious boss.

Not soon after, the fire department is called into the location and it is then that Pete learns the abandoned building was once owned by Norman Osborn. Instantly, he begins to wonder that this isn't good at all and knows it has to be the thug that got away's doing. During the scene as well we're introduced to Hobgoblin Suspect #1 Lance Bannon. For those wondering who Lance was, well he was like Pete a photographer for the Bugle. Infamously, after the Hobgoblin Saga he got roped up in a Web of Spidey mystery storyline called Facade. I'll just point out poor Lance got murdered in that storyline senselessly and hasn't been ressurected or even remembered since.

Speaking of old Georgie:

Now knowing who was the Hobgoblin as Roger Stern intended, I can't help but now look upon the knowledge now at these scenes and wonder if these where some bread crumbs at least Stern was giving us into making Kingsley a suspect. Hobby here pretty sure knows how to adjust and perfecting costumes. Almost as if he's well versed in the art.

We have another moment coming up in #239 where Hobby displays another noticticable Kingsley trait after he aqquires the battle van. If Kingsley truly ever does return I kinda hope somebody remembers this off road vehicle. It's still in Kingsley's possession and one has to wonder given the years that have past what kind of upgrades has he installed in it.

Again, I cannot help but note why the hell would someone like Ned ever even consider buying stocks in Osborn's company? Sure the Daily Bugle comment does throw some suspicion. But again, Ned as the Hobgoblin was never in this for a business angle. He was in it for exposing corruption and taking down the Kingpin. At this point and time Hobby's barely even thinking of such a deed.

Anyway, we get Harry and one Donald Menken who plays not much a role here, but later on in the 90s in two of Stern's Spidey mini's, "Hobgoblin Lives" and "Revenge of the Green Goblin". I don't think the character has appeared much outside of those mini's and here. Though I'm probably wrong. We get another Lance scene in this issue as well, but nothing really to throw suspiscion in his direction.

As for Pete, well like the headline states he's watching on Felcia due to her beating she took from Doctor Octopus. Still he goes on the trial of Hobby, checking out any Green Goblin hide-out he could remember. After two tries Pete hits paydirt:

Hobby quickly decides to cut his losses and make a run for it, but Spidey is in hot pursuit now.

Spidey uses the gas bomb Hobby threw to hide his actions and nails a web onto Hobby's glider.

The shot triggers a gas mane which Spidey goes to quell and with that Hobby make's his escape. Again the first of many little inner thoughts of Hobby stating how much damage it would cause his family if he where caught. Really, given this is Ned this make's no sense whatsoever. For Kingsley it make's somewhat better sense, though more he's worried he'll lose his riches and money than his brother.

And thus starts Hobby's quest for the Goblin's power. Should I continue? If so where should I stop? Well obviously I cannot post Amazing Spider-Man #289 due to HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED . So what say you Scans Daily? More or is this it?

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