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So right off the bat, this issue definitely got hurt the worse so far in my abridging of it. Lots of important stuff happens, and I did my best to cram everything major in, but I wasn't entirely successful. In addition, this issue's subplot of the unnamed girl who Jonah recruits is pretty much gone as a result. So...if you like this, you should definitely check out the full series. If you don't like the series, I guess it doesn't make much of a difference either way.

The issue opens from where last one ended--with Doctor Octopus apparently returning and rescuing Peter from the "Sinner Six" and taking him to Mary-Jane's grave, which is next to the graves of Aunt May and Uncle Ben. "I couldn't save any of you. Never had the power. Never could handle the responsibility."

Jonah has been taken in to see Mayor Waters and his assistant Saks. Waters wants to know why Jonah has returned all of a sudden. "Some last kick at the can before you're dead?" Jonah says that he owes the city, to which Waters responds that he is the voice of the city. 

"Then I owe this city nothing more than to cut its throat." Jonah says. Water comes at him with a knife and says that it's an excellent idea.

"There you are." says Jonah.

Peter goes on like this for a page or so. "And those precious last moments. I didn't even share them with you."

Jonah asks Waters (who's having his neck bandaged) what he did to make the deal with Saks--what did Sak promise him? Waters telling him that he's doing what's best for everybody, and someone has to be responsible for the city. "You will be responsible." Jonah says.

Outside the building, the newscasters are reporting on the Webb when the top of the building explodes, and what looks like bodies are falling from the top of the building. The "bodies" turn out to be black symbiotic monsters that start to attack the city. The unnamed girl (from the first two issues) runs to the abandoned church that Jonah and the kids were hiding out in earlier. It's all very chaotic and hard to put in words, but that's the general gist.

Meanwhile, Peter starts walking to the coffin. This is the night everything ends, he thinks. "I'm going back to where I belong. His life for mine. All your lives for mine..."

The symbiotes swarm and envelop the unnamed girl's friends. She thinks about running, but remembers Jameson telling her that the bells would protect them and begins hitting the bell with a pipe, causing the symbiotes to disperse. 

"We can't rely on them anymore. The old men. They can't show us how to live. They took our city and made it a cage." She tells her friends that it's time stop running and hiding do something. One of the kids worries that in doing so, their families will be put in danger. To which the girl responds...

Inside the coffin, Peter's ready to just rest until he dies when he hears the bells too.


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