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Scruffy Connor comforts Mia in an after school special sort of way (Green Arrow #67). Awww!

That guy's so great. I sure hope they don't wipe his entire identity from him with a lame coma-related plot device!

Oliver dispenses fatherly hugs (Green Arrow #73). Awww!

Ollie wants to check Slade's orifices (Green Arrow #63)... awww?

Slade looks pretty happy about it so I guess it's okay. I knew they'd work it out, those crazy kids!

Speaking of crazy kids, how about some Bizarro in a jar (Batman/Superman #22)?

And as per someone's request, here are some heroes with kids. Specifically Robin version-Timmy with a British schoolboy-looking Christopher Kent (Superman #668).

Uh-oh, Batman thinks you're neat, Chris! Run away before you're thrown into neon green hot pants and forced to work the streets to attain Batman's love and acceptance!

Bonus fanart by glockart who has combined two geek fandoms brilliantly.

Tim really could pull off the Spock look. Original link here.


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