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One panel of classic Deodato.

Courtesy of The Crossing storyline over in Avengers, which means you know it's gonna be good! ::snrrk::

I came so close to adding more, because God, there's some priceless hilarity, but this new character design made me laugh the hardest.

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So who's the evil death-pixie?

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Okay, but as an original design for a Dr. Strange villain for example, I think it would have been kind of neat.

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Yeah. Agreed.

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A long while ago I uh, got a bunch of comics and saw... this... redesign in it. I even wanted to post about it but decided against it. Especially because of 1990's Beardless Surfer Dude Hercules.

I'm not even sure if this is even in canon anymore.

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It happened, but the effects were undone by Heroes Reborn, when Franklin recreated the heroes in the pocket dimension-y thing, he did so as HE remembered them, which meant a human Wasp and an older Tony who was not a mind controlled Kang-pawn.

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Franklin even fixed Hawkeye's hearing, according to that story.

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Oh, come on put something up with Moonraker in it !!!

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I love James Bond and I love Moonraker.

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For those who do not know...
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I still think the great tragedy of "The Crossing" is that it featured the only good costume Wanda's ever had, so naturally we'll never see it again.

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Perez's Gypsy-Wanda costume was easily the best. :P

And I'm not just saying that because she didn't wear panties.
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If I saw a belly dancer in that outfit, she would have my full and undivided attention. A superheroine in that outfit, however, strikes me as having a very unsexy death wish.

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I had the action figure based on this design.

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No, she also got one based on that dire '90s Avengers cartoon.

To be fair, though, she also got one as part of a boxed set of the original Avengers, in their first-issue costumes.

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There was a recentish Marvel Legends one in her black costume, and two variants, one in red and one in blue.

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UGH no no, this is the Deodato I do NOT like...

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As shitty as Marvel quality was at this time, I actually liked the Wasp redesign, and Black Widow and Wanda's costumes.