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Spider-Man: Reign #4


So, this is the final issue of Spider-Man: Reign. Once again, I had to cut out a lot of good stuff, so if you do like what you've seen you should check it out.

The issue opens with Spider-Man, back in his red-and-blues, crawling up the building with the Six waiting for him inside.

Outside, the unnamed girl is ringing the bell, scaring away the symbiotes. Mayor Waters calls Sandman on his walkie-talkie and tells him to stop the kids from ringing the bell. When Sandman responds that it's the only thing keeping the civilians safe from the monsters, Waters tells them that the civilians are terrorists that want to destroy the city, and threatens to push the button to the remote explosive placed inside Sandman if he doesn't comply.

The first member of the Sinner Six that Spidey encounters is Electro, who's with Hydro-Man. Electro plans to have Hydro-Man douse Spidey with water before electrocuting him. Calling it the "lamest team-up" he's ever seen, Spider-Man manages to trip Electro with his webbing (his boots were insulated), causing Electro to fry and Hydro-Man to evaporate. As Spidey points out, electricity and water don't mix.

Spider-Man runs into Scorpion next. Scorpion has a new suit, and tells Spidey that he can do "anything" with it. Spidey asks him if he can fly, and kicks him out the window, where he goes splat on the pavement.

Spider-Man later encounters Mysterio, who with his fear gas(?) makes Spider-Man think that Mary-Jane is back. Spider-Man sees through the charade. He later encounters Kraven, who deliberately inhales Mysterio's gas like hunters who take hallucinatory mushrooms before hunting their beast. Spider-Man does this as well, and sees his Uncle Ben and Aunt May coming after him. Once again, Peter defeats his adversary.

Finally, Spider-Man reaches the top of the building.

In his rage, Venom plans on killing everyone in the room. Scared for his life, Waters flees. He runs into Sandman, who is clearly pissed. He tells Waters he has something he wants. Waters begs Sandman not to kill him. "I can't make any promises." Sandman says. This is the last time we see Waters.

As Spider-Man is absorbed into Venom's gigantic mass, he can feel Mary-Jane again.

Spider-Man escapes from Venom and begins to lead the symbiotes away from the people below and up the tower. Everyone watches as Spider-Man marches to his presumable death, and he realizes that him dying will only make them fight harder. "But I'm not doing this for them. Mary-Jane is watching."

The symbiotes begin savagely attacking Peter, and he prepares himself for the inevitable.

In the aftermath of the explosion, a young boy asks Jonah what this all means. 

"It's a second chance."

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