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An itty bitty alternate universe version of the JLA shows up in the batcave to traumatize Alfred in Superman/Batman #51.

Tiny!Batman is disgruntled. Big!Batman looks disturbed by the adorable fuzzy-floaty bats.

Tim is horrible with women, even when they're roughly the size of chihuahuas. Tiny!Flash makes a penis joke.

In Superman/Batman #52, the Tiny!JLA watch Tiny Titans on TV! Tiny!Batman needs a Batnap because he's grouchy. Big!Batman is not more mature.

Speaking of weird shit, check out this gorilla-vs-Robins fight from Trinity #10.

Tim fails again at being a lady's man.

To be fair Dick, just because you'd seduce and marry anyone including a giant gorilla in a metal corset doesn't mean Tim has to.

In other news, Bruce is half-naked and sweaty in Diana's lap in JLA #70 due to some time warp fever or something.

I have no idea what happened to Diana's face in the last panel.

Apparently, when Batman gets time-warp fever he seduces Wonder Woman then performs monologues about death for Green Lantern and has vaguely pumpkin-shaped biceps. See? It's all right here in JLA #73.

What a stubbly, stubbly badass.

In a random twist, this post ends with a Final Crisis, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan kiss between Ollie and Dinah.

I enjoy Oliver's facial expression in that last panel. I like to pretend The Flash just waltzed in naked smothered in marmalade wearing a giant, purple pimp hat.
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