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Preview scan and a Request.

Okay I recenty bought volumes 2-6 of Peter David's run on Hulk and decided to do some reserch on a giant red gamma monster called Madman. Partly because I liked the character and mostly because we've got another giant red problem in the Hulk books now.

Imagine my suprise when I saw that he was one those villains that confessed his love to his adversary. Being a fan of this type I would love to see some scans of the confession.

For legality have some Kristoff Vernard.


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Alas, since Madman is a Peter David character, we can't post anything featuring him.

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Wait we dare speak He Who Must Not Be Named so freely?! EEP..

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Those Marvel Universe entries are horribly written . . .

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Sorry, Voldemort's character, can't post scans.