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People have posted from issues of the new Doom Patrol series, and it's good stuff, but so far we've all been neglecting the Metal Man second feature. That's unfortunate because it's also good stuff.

It's Giffen/DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire doing superhero humor. C'mon, there are two or three fans of that sort of thing in these parts, right?

Tin crashed the van during his driver's license test last issue, so the gang's taking a cab...

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Tin springs into the building, while Magnus takes the stairs.

And a bit of the Doom Patrol front feature, as well, while I'm at it...:

(Does anyone recognize the name "Teiresian" from anywhere?)

I'm finding that the tonal contrast between the two features makes for a really nice balance.

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Please note that the posting limits are 1/3 of a work. The Metal Man second feature is 8 pages, which would mean that the posting limit is 2.6 pages, not the 3.3 you have here. Please edit your post accordingly.

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Ah, okay, thanks for the clarification.


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