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Romance Comics, and FEMINISM

Just want to share and point to a link from a very nice blog; 'Lady That's My Skull'
And I really want to share, most especially as I stumbled on a posting of a certain romance comic of the 70s (my fave); but also a rare one that...erm, talks about 'feminism' and how it's been related with this media material.
Still, I really should not relate how I was rendered completely speechless by how WHACKED the characters and story idea is. Not really about how feminism is dismissed as 'a whatchamacallit that OTHER women are obsessed about'; but more on...well, seriously, you just HAVE to read it to get what I mean.

A Marvel Romance Comic 'My Love' , published in 1973. Read and gawp, people; read and gawp.

Also, rather meaningless question; but does this guy look familiar? Seriously, I keep seeing that same face and hair cut creeping up constantly? What was going on, some movie star of bygone days influencing that look? :S

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Probably with the subtly of the implict incest subplot of this one,
Image (

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Well the first I had saved on my computer from Aggggeeeessss ago and can't remember where I got it from, and the second I got from the forum.

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Eulice! Hello!

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That green dress is THE worst...