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My Comic AMVS

Being a comic book nerd, I collect a lot of comics. So much, that I can make Music videos of them. Using WindowsMovieMaker is bit hard, as it's a pain to deal with the problems, like how an entire Project-File can fail if the sources are gone, and  such. Here are the two I have so far.

For Legal purposes, a picture of two heroes at their prime....

The next is Superboy to Linkin Park's What I'lve Done. This took a long time to make, becuase I couldn't ACTUAL make it into a file to upload on YouTube until i recently found out that audio source I used was glitch and prevented it. So after downloading and splicing different versions of the song, I made this.... now imgine when I found out that YouTube muted. Anyway, just play it with the video below it, and you can get a good snych of what I tried to make. Play the bottom video first then play my video when you hear the fade in.

Hope you enjoy them. I don't get enough feedback on them.
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MY HEADPHONES ARE DEAD!!!! T_T So I can't listen to any of this.