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AdVenture @ scans_daily 3.0 - Venture Brothers week

I wanted to post this on the first day, but I just found out the office is moving out of state, so I have been busy. That said, I am throwing my heart into scans_daily and sharing the love. Venture Brothers love! Gay prison Venture Brothers love! Desperate, ruthless, confined men of unnatural talents forced to cling to one another to survive! Oh the horror... but I digress.

This clip is one of the reasons why this show is so much GOLD and PURE CRACK! in animation form. *sigh*

If only I had been helped by such a program, I would not have become such a corrupted youth that reads scans_daily for pleasure.

For legality:

I can never read anything that has Gorilla Man in the picture without hearing the voice of King Gorilla.
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"Please no, don't activate a broken Cawfee cup."