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A positive FLOCK of Robins!

Saw this cover for "The Widening Gyre #3"  up on e-Bay for sale by Gene Ha himself, and it's already way beyond my budget, but it is rather lovely, and nice of the artist to show us the inbetween takes.

Interesting that Dick as Nightwing was going to get pupils, whereas none of the Robin's did, though Dick does look a little like he's just had collagen injections into his lips as Nightwing.
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Heh. His lips just naturally plumped along with his muscles, I guess.
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How does Steph do that with her hair?

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It kind of happens if the band goes around under her hair, like a hyuuuge scrunchie.
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I have an African-American friend who does that with her hair, but I have no idea how a white chick like Steph can manage it. Lots and lots of hairspray, I guess.
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It can be done.

Jew-Fro. I speak from personal experience.
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So what was up with that cover? It's not like Steph was in the issue.
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Those pupils are kinda scary.
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Aren't all the Robins 'pupils'?
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Collagen? Nightwing? Oh hell no! That fullness is just swelling from all the...umm..."lollipops" he sucks on...yeah "lollipops"...
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Dick rules everyone else is second rate