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Scans Daily Friending Meme!

To participate, C&P the below questionnaire and post your answers as a comment to this post. SD members will decide your friendship compatibility, based on your responses. So make them good.

All questions are optional!

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Name: Alanna
Other places we can find you: sporcle
Location/Country of Origin: usa
Age: 25
Occupation: disabled

Favourite Writer: greg rucka
Favourite Artist: bill sienkiewicz
Favourite Character: huntress
Desert Island Top Ten Comics (series/issues): new mutants v1
All time favourite panel/page/scene (scans encouraged):

How do you feel about Rob Liefeld? he sucks
What's your stance on bees? noo!!! not the bees!!!

Other fandoms: star wars, anita blake, merry gentry
Fannish activities:

Political Leaning: socialist
Favourite Sports Team/Player: i hate sports
Favourite Performer: boa
Favourite Writer (fiction/non fiction): laurell k hamilton
Someone You Admire: harisu

What else are you into? not much

What's one awesome thing you did this year? absolutly nothing
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Yes! Let's be friends! It's rough being the only would-be socialist on the block. We can talk Star Wars and socialism and Boa, who doesn't seem to get a lot of love anymore.