Date: 2009-11-20 06:24 pm (UTC)
thehefner: (Default)
From: [personal profile] thehefner
Awesome! Thanks for posting this, I've needed the scans!

I keep imagining Harvey here speaking like Calculon. "I shall rule the crime world... with my awesome... ACTING... TALENT!!!"

I second (hurr hurr) the request for "Haf-And-Haf" Dick Tracy strips! Also, Harvey Apollo is one of FIVE different iterations of Two-Face in the Golden Age!

I would love to see scans of the story with the Two-Face impersonator who's really Harvey's butler, plus the original Paul Sloane story! If we get that one, I could even do a whole post dedicated to Sloane through the years, including the truly lame-ass one by Mike W. Barr and the more awesome one (with unfortunate art) by Ed Brubaker!
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