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in my previous post, we saw how Clark and Lois meet. I think we can all agree that it was a sweet moment but not everything in the book is quite so happy. you see, the government has been investigating the strange occurrences where Clark saved people's lives and want to get to the bottom of things. they have no idea who he is and are more than a little paranoid so they decide to set a trap.

Clark just rescued a capsized boat. he doesn't realize it's all a setup to catch him.

while kept under heavy sedation, he has comic hallucinations. he imagines scenes with Superman captured by Lex Luthor and Brainiac. he eventually breaks free and is rather pissed off at what he finds.

he's not the first superhuman they've encountered but so far, he's the strongest of them. he understandably goes apeshit and levels the facility.

after that ordeal, he becomes paranoid and shut off. his relationship with Lois takes a hit since he won't tell her what's bothering him. eventually, he works up the nerve to talk to her.

they fly around a bit and then:

that's a grand total of 15 out of 48 pages. my next post will cover issue #3 which takes place some years later where Clark and Lois are already married.
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