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That red arrow suit clashes with your hair Roy....

red arrow
red arrow 2
Oh Hal, its ok, just hug your regrets away. Regrets that involve abandoning a young drug addict that you've known for... well forever. No biggie. All's forgotten (somewhere in the background I hear Borat screaming NOT)
and as a side note, while I understand that yes Roy was an addict, and yes it was a big part of his past, does anyone else notice that this isn't the first time they've brought up the druggie past when he makes any sort of transition, whether its a new costume, or name, or just general change to his life.
though to be fair, they did only bring that up in a brief way

They also mention it in the new Titans issue when he decides to move into a bigger place for Lian's sake, and he's going through all his stuff and finds a picture of his band and then all of a sudden, we're waltzing down memory lane once more.

But I really like the first 2 scans and the art as well.
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Did Roy's jaw just unhinge in the third scan? Shit, that's a JOKER-level gaping mouth!
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Dinah too pretty, can't talk....

Glad to see Arsenal remembers who REALLY loved him back then. Go Canary.
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Yeah but looking at it closely, Hal and Roy has the exact same facial structure and body shape, and huge bulging muscles to be exact. I wouldn't be surprised if those were tears of laughter coming out of Dinah's eyes and she is using her mad kung-fu skillz to stifle a laughter at Roy's ridiculous muscles.

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To be fair, Hal actually helped him after Ollie threw him out. He took him Dinah's for recovery and was with him for a while.
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Yeah, this.

Hal's "abandonment" of Roy was actually discussed at length before, with ashtoreth making the best analysis of the character and his role in Roy's recovery:

Hal didn't do much, but, after the person Roy loved most BEAT HIM UP AND THREW HIM OUT AFTER ABANDONING HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE, Hal is the one who goes looking for him. Hal is the one who finds him and doesn't screw up by picking a fight because he doesn't like what Roy did. He is kind and unselfrighteous and he insists on getting Roy to someone who does care about him and will help him. It also matters that Hal is Ollie's best friend (aside from Dinah and Roy). Him doing that was notice that Ollie was wrong when he said it was all Roy's fault.

My favorite follow-up to this is when Dinah's mother is dying. Ollie is there and tells Hal. Hal immediately goes to the Titans and asks them for Roy. When Roy shows up, he just says, "Dinah needs you." And thats it. Roy goes with him on the spot. Hal drops him off and the family huggles.

Hal isn't the guy to take care of you, but he is the best friend who'll back you up.

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Aww, I remember this. What issue of JLA is it from?
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Oh, God.

I can't look at Hal and Dinah tearing up at Roy in the Red Arrow costume without imagining them thinking "Oh, dear. That costume's so ugly. It's truly terrible. My God, I'm crying at how bad it is. Just, real tears, jeez."

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But it's Ollie's costume only red. O_o

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How do I look?

Like steroids pumped your arms up to the size of your head and shrunk your balls.

I should make a list of the comics artists who can draw attractive men. All three of them.
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The nineties Greg Land used to be one of them. *le sigh*
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Man, I went to an entirely different place with those first four panels.
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Arsenal is a stupid name anyway. It has 'Arse' in it.
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It also has "anal." Still, I think it's a cool name, especially since Roy's (as I understand, which may be wrong) supposed to be able to make anything into a weapon.

Still, if he doesn't want it, maybe we could give it to someone else.

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He *is* friends with Dick, after all...

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I think his Red Arrow costume needs a hood or something.
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I say a hat. Go Old School!

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Although at least you posted some of the Arsenal mini, that stopped my head from exploding :)
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'Roid Roy, but still ROY! And a very lovely Dinah.

Poor Roy, I think he's so far back on the DC burner that by the time he has a major storyline again Lian will be a second grader. Which, given her aging process, is at least 5 years from now.

Either that or they'll just kill him.
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Either that or they'll just kill him.

please don't joke about that. D:
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I love the Dinah-Roy relationship so much it hurts. It's probably my favorite relationship in comics.

As for Hal, it's moments like this that make me almost forgive him for being such an ass most of the time.

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I miss Gramma Canary.
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It's too bad Roy is like a son to Dinah. You know, her expression in the last panel when she's rubbing his musscles...

Hmm...maybe she can replace Ollie with a younger model...

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Well, she did sleep with The Ray when he was barely 20 years old. So yeah.

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You didn't include the part where it's revealed that it was Ollie that gave it to him and how proud he is of Roy!

(yes, Ollie is a douche, but he is still MY douche and he deserves props where they are due)
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Where are the first two scans from?

[personal profile] zordboy 2009-11-24 12:22 am (UTC)(link)
The first two scans are from Meltzer's run of JLA (which is the current series). It's an issue really early in the piece, when the line-up is assembling for the first time.

I think it's about issue 5 or 6? Maybe 7? Somewhere at the beginning, right before the "Lightning Saga" which was the dreadful JLA/JSA/Legion team-up.
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Awesome, thank you!
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Leaving aside the costume that everyone's covered, it's probably not so unrealistic that the drugs would come up when Roy made a transition. It's something he would still be in recovery from for his whole life, and I imagine he probably would look back during transitions and think how he's still winning that battle.

Love the description of Hal above. I love stories that bring out the different personalities of characters and how they respond to emotional crisis and work together on it.
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"Grown up" *TEAR* is dressing up just like your surrogate father figure, except in a different color. Noted.