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That red arrow suit clashes with your hair Roy....

red arrow
red arrow 2
Oh Hal, its ok, just hug your regrets away. Regrets that involve abandoning a young drug addict that you've known for... well forever. No biggie. All's forgotten (somewhere in the background I hear Borat screaming NOT)
and as a side note, while I understand that yes Roy was an addict, and yes it was a big part of his past, does anyone else notice that this isn't the first time they've brought up the druggie past when he makes any sort of transition, whether its a new costume, or name, or just general change to his life.
though to be fair, they did only bring that up in a brief way

They also mention it in the new Titans issue when he decides to move into a bigger place for Lian's sake, and he's going through all his stuff and finds a picture of his band and then all of a sudden, we're waltzing down memory lane once more.

But I really like the first 2 scans and the art as well.
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I remember her being very appreciative of Nightwing and asking Oracle to set her up with him in the very first issues of Birds of Prey. She was mostly saying that to get Babs to admit she liked him, but it felt very weird to me, seeing as Roy was like her son and Dick was one of his best friends.
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Dinah's also seen Dick naked. Admittedly, she thought it was Babs in the shower (and felt perfectly comfortable walking in on Babs), but she still got to see Li'l Wing.