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Ralph's Secret Origin & Adorable Dibny Fanart

I found this over at DevArt, midydoof is amazing!

And here is Ralph's Secret Origin. I think DC was publishing these in issues of 52 and some of Countdown. I wish they were still making them because I rather enjoyed them.

I really like Sue's short hair. I wish I wasn't a read head so I could pull that look off. D:

And a little subtle something extra. ^_^;

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He is, but he's not a typical one. And he's kind of a strawman stereotype oversimplified liberal. He's a rich man who "saw the light" and has the overzealousness of the convert. To the point of preaching.

I guess what I was really arguing with was what seemed(probably unintentionally) in your statement as though he were typical and that liberals are invariably assholes. For one, I'm not an asshole. For another, it's not liberals I've seen lately publicly shouting down cripples and people with dead children, so I wouldn't say it's the right word either.
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Yes, it was unintentional. I'm aware that most liberals aren't assholes, since most of the community in SD are liberals so I know that they aren't all assholes. Plus, how one person acts or talks does not represent of how everyone else acts, I know that much.