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Four scans from Invincible Iron Man #20.

The issue is divided into some sequences in Tony's head, where he seems to be continually repeating a sequence of trying to dig something up before some robots arrive and kill him; and scenes in the real world, where the heroes decide what to do about him, and Madame Masque orders Ghost to find coma-Tony and kill him.

So Tony has prepared a lengthy message for the assembled heroes:

He goes on to explain that he's eradicated essentially the whole legacy of the Iron Man tech between the virus and Stane's earlier wrecking of Stark Industries, so if he doesn't survive he'll at least have done that.

He pops back in again briefly to say that Osborn's operation will eventually fall apart, then also that they should expect heavy casualties whenever the time comes to take him down. It's a realistically rambling possibly-final-message.

Anyhoo, the assembled heroes marvel briefly at his astonishingly complicated plan.

I assume you mean in a cosmic sense, Pep, because I'm sure Tony would like all those people to come back too (though it feels a bit weird for her to be talking about "Steve" and "Bill"; she didn't know either of them, so far as I know).

Either way, the answer is:

$585,133,287 cumulative worldwide box office.

Date: 2009-11-26 08:20 am (UTC)
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Well, I've appreciated him as a deeply flawed man who's struggled to overcome those flaws, with varying degrees of success. And one of the qualities I liked about him was his willingness to apologize when he screwed up, and to take responsibility for his errors. Here, he doesn't do that. He's screwed up, catastrophically, lethally, and deeply personally in the case of Thor, and he's just... waving it away. So yeah, the qualities I like aren't in evidence.


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