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I know I'm the only one here. But I like Damian. Why?

Because you can totally fucking tell he's Bruce's son. He just needs to gain a (sardonic) sense of humor and it's a perfect match.
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Are you kidding? I love Damian!
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Well, there's a lot of Damian hate about. Mostly from Tim fans.

Of course, I always found that little swot* Tim about as interesting as beige, so I guess that goes both ways.

*sic. Look it up if not British or Anglophilic.

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Second. I think he's really a very clever piece of work given his premise.

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perletwo: His parents are dead. (Batman - parents are dead)

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For me it's a matter of him needing to grow into his personality. He's so preternaturally adult it triggers an Uncanny Valley reaction in me. The times I've liked him best are the little moments when that's cracked a bit and we've seen him being kidlike - reaching out to pre-Scarlet Sasha, for instance.

I do like him a little better now that he has the status and sanction of the Robin mantle. Before he was all cheek and presumption; now he's applying all that to just doing the job.
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One cannot say he's not focused.

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Among many other things, I say.
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I didn't like him at first, but that changed pretty quickly. He still has a tendency to be an annoying brat, but he's a ten year old boy so that's not surprising at all.
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On the other hand, I fucking despise him, because he hasn't earned the right to that I'm-so-badass attitude that he's sporting.

He can't be humbled soon or hard enough for my taste.
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One question: Do you think all characters should talk only within their abilities (for example if Hawkeye just had to stop Galactus, should he just shut up and not try?) or can some characters -- chosen by you, of course, Boxy -- talk loudly and get away with it? I agree that there should be a fall coming, but where I guess we disagree is the way in which it is set up. I tend to believe that he was "promoted" to Robin in this arc just so that he could learn the lesson of overconfidence.

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drakyndra: Everything is awesome when The Dark Cat draws it (Batman: Bat Santa)

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I like his as a character - he's endlessly entertaining. If I ever met him, I'd want to slap him, but as a character the other side of the fourth wall... yeah, he's fun.
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used to hate him, but now I think if something happens to humble him (just no fridging please)/make him save the day, he has the potential to be the older-than-his-years teen who cautions against hubris and recklessness...or is that just me being overly hopeful?
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Because you can totally fucking tell he's Bruce's son.

a) Only if, by "Bruce," you mean "Frank Miller's Goddamn Batman," and since ASBAR made me hate Frank Miller's Goddamn Batman, this is not a ringing endorsement.

b) I hate the biological determinism inherent in this portrayal, as though Damian is more of a "true" successor to Bruce than Dick, just because of their shared DNA. Fuck that. Batman isn't Batman because of his genes, but because of his life experiences.
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I don't see him as anything like the adrenaline freak in ASSBAR. Which I loathe and have said here I loathe many, many times. What made me think of Bruce was how well he scares the crooks and the disdainful manner in which he throws of the Guardian.

If he were going around randomly attacking crooks and laughing the whole time, I could see your point. But he's not. Even his more sadistic moves have a no-nonsense precision to them. I don't think he gets a kick out of this. I think he takes it seriously.
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I'm on board with b) completely.

I don't mind a rotten kid being written as a rotten kid, but I guess my issues here have to do with this rotten kid being written as smart/xtreme/hardcore/badass/grimdark . . .

I think he's aimed at a demographic much younger and more sure of their awesomeness than mine. So I'll be moving along.
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Agreed! He's the baby version of every Batman characterisation I've hated over the years! ("My father taught me that the police just get in the way of real crime-fighting." Uh-huh. That's why he's been friends with Gordon for decades and otherwise collaborates with the GCPD every other week! Dream on, kid.) And while I can see the appeal of grim-and-gritty in a mid-thirties man, who has every right to be jaded, it's nothing but ridiculous in a pre-teen child. Seriously, has Morrison ever met a ten-year-old?

It scares me how S_D's opinion suddenly seems to have shifted in Damian's favour! I mean, why? He's still the same annoying, over-the-top, unrealistically-clever-and-badass-for-his-age, spoilt brat most of us started out hating! He's just all out disagreeable!

Also, word on the biological determinism! They did it to Jason, Cass, Rose... and now the little shit, but in the other direction. Hero by genes. What the hell? Is that some sort of weird, pointless agenda of DC's? I can understand if characters have been raised into being criminals by criminal parents (occasionally a good writer will do that, and then show that character struggling against their upbringing and winning out over it -- that's the stuff of GOOD stories), but that's usually not the way it's presented. Sorting heroes and criminals apart from birth makes no sense! Damian has no reason whatsoever to be "like Bruce" (in ways even Bruce should not be).

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Just a quick hit:

1. TDKR2 made me hate Miller.
2. It's not like ASBAR was worse than ASS.

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I know what you mean, but I've never seen it as biological determinism. The way I've seen it that everyone's been pushing him onto a certain path, like "oh, you're the son of the goddamn Batman so you should be able to take out fifty ninjas with one hand tied behind your back." I always thought it was more about living up to other people's expectations, and in some ways competing with a dad who's already had years of training and experience when you're just a ten year old kid. Batman is in the realm of frickin' myth, so how does anyone live up to that. Given that, I think it's hilarious that he acts more like the goddamn Batman than the goddamn Batman.

Eh, that doesn't mean I don't want to see him taken down a peg.

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I LOVE Damian. He's smart and cheeky and he says what he thinks. You always know where you are with him. I hope he sticks around for a long time to come!
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I've loved the little jerk for ages. I just find him so wonderfully entertaining.

I'm starting to get the impression that box_in_the_box doesn't like him though!

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Oh, I adore the horrible little brat. I think he's the best thing to happen to Robin in decades.
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You're not the only person here who likes Damian. There are many.

But what exactly is Damian doing here that makes him clearly Bruce's son?
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I'm really starting to like the psychopathic little brat as well. There's just something about him that's endearing, not to mention entertaining. Plus, I love his costume.

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ladymirth: The Goddamn Batman Disapproves of your Sparkly Shenanigans (batman disapproves)

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Tru Dat. My first thought was, "Oh HAI Bruce Jr!"

Unfortunately, I had small liking for Annoying Prick The First as well.
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I like him for similar reasons. :)