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Red, by Warren Ellis

Wow, somehow I completely missed the news that Red, a mini-series Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner did, is being made into a movie. This is excellent news, as I absolutely love the mini-series. It's definitely one of the strongest of Ellis's shorter works.

And the casting so far sounds good. I'm hoping the fact that it was able to draw so many high-caliber actors (Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John C. Reilly) means it had a really good script. I realize a lot of this is very old news but it's new to me.

So, for my first post in the new digs, here's 12 pages from the mini-series...

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"In the explosive espionage-thriller RED, Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner create a stark tale of revenge, as retired CIA killer Paul Moses finds himself forced back into the game to gain revenge on the agency that trained him."

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I'd suggest he overuses flawed cops a lot more.