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And Forerunner (basically, a genetic grab-bag of DCU alien powers, last of a kind created by the Monitors to serve them; at this point, she's working against them, because she was told that her life was manipulation by...), working for Monarch (Monarch, yup.), got to visit it.

(oh, totally forgot- slight spoilers for new x-men noir. you know, mark of cain.)

So Forerunner starts butchering Nazis, all in a bid to lure out.. them:

Nazi Justice League, everybody!

No Lantern, though.

Anyhow, their Flash is soon taken out, belying his intimidating pose:


(Yes, Forerunner can do a running monologue while taking on an alternate Justice League.)

Their Hawkpeople fall in short order as well:

this is, after all, only twelve pages.

As does their Wonder Woman (here a valkyrie) who gets to trade points of view with Forerunner in the process.

Finally their Superman goes at her, and gets kryptonite knives in the chest for his trouble.

At which point Monarch picks them up, some meh dialogue is had, and man I hope Multiversity's good.

bonus: Remember X-Men Noir?

How it ended with costumed detective Thomas " Angel " Halloway and sociopath Scott " Cyclops " Summers hitching a ride with bootleggers Captain Logan and Eugene Judd to get away from the interplay between New York Chief of Detectives Eric Magnus and Charles Xavier's School of Crime?

Well, in the sequel, Mark of Cain.. they've all got to take miscellaneous jobs to survive.

Like, say, stealing the famed Gem of Cyttorak from its jungle temple.

... clever, van Lente. Clever.

and no, whatever the Jagganath is, it's not Cain Marko; he's confirmed on-panel dead as of this issue.

Halloway, who learned a few of his tricks from Marko, wants to track down his murderer... so he gets himself sent to Genosha Bay prison, where Marko was murdered.

There, he finds that the warden, Emma Frost, has some plans for him.

What he doesn't find is that " Professor " Xavier and the late Magnus's daughter, Wanda, are also there.

Along with some of Xavier's... newer pupils.

(Basically, Xavier thinks that sociopathy is the next stage of human evolution. Yeah.)


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