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Amazing Spiderman #615 preview

I do so love these haunting images on the preview for Amazing Spiderman #615.
IGN has the preview. And we know that current Dext- I mean Peter Parker will find some way to screw this up.

The theme with the Gauntlet story arc seem to be how Spidey screws up the personal, non-villain lives of one of his rogue gallery and they want payback.

This is really simple and beautiful, capturing the joy of what it's like to be a kid and have a nurturing Sandman as a father. And yet.. it's so fragile, like castles made of sand.
And the darkness of the color of the sand does bring much foreboding.

I am reminded of the one truly great scene in Spidey 3 where Flint begins his new life as a man made of sand, and the emotional strength that made him whole came the love of his daughter and a sense of purpose and being to be with her again.
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I love that Spider-Man 3 scene. That and Peter's strut are the only enjoyable 10 minutes of that movie.
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Motto. It was the best scene in the movie. It was heartbreaking.
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Don't forget the part with the maitre d.
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But hey, you could put Bruce Campbell in a ten minute scene of him doing needlepoint and it would still be awesome.
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Man, I actually did forget. That's depressing.
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I enjoyed the part when Harry wakes up without his memory and smiling at his best friend.

'Cause, you know, James Franco smiling.
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Why can't I ever enjoy a sweet scene? Why is it inevitable that something is going to screw it up?

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my exact thoughts

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Because you touch yourself in the dark and make Angels cry, that's why!
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So the cherubs I have chained up in my basement have nothing to do with the crying angels?
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Do angels cry or does God kill a kitten? I've heard both theories.
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God kills a kitten, and that makes the Angels cry.
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Now that makes sense.
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Because you read comics is why.
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That's both heartbreaking and adorable. I really hope this ends well for Flint Marko, as I'd kind of like to see him back on the good side again, or at least in a "villain with a heart of gold" sort of thing.

The thing about Spider-Man screwing up his villains lives is kind of true. Rereading some older Spidey stuff, scenes that are meant to be quirky or funny to me just come off as him being a tool for no reason now.
Sure, their criminals, but their not crazy evil on a Dr. Doom level, most of them are just regular shmucks trying to get by.

His Rogue's Gallery seems a lot more sympathetic and likeable than Spider-Man himself sometimes.
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I really hope this ends well for Flint Marko, as I'd kind of like to see him back on the good side again, or at least in a "villain with a heart of gold" sort of thing.

Marvel interviews have already confirmed a big no on both.
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Thanks, Marvel. Now I can't even enjoy how cute the kid is, because now I'm dead sure she's just going to be collateral damage (either to set off the evil or to show how evil Marko's become).
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That tower window looks like a face.
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Hell, there's sand sculpture festivals all over the place. He'd make a killing in prize money alone.
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So how many daughters has Sandman had, now?

1. Spider-Man 3
2. Spider-Man: Reign
3. Stan Lee's comicstrip

and now this.

Not that I'm against the idea, I just think it's funny how that concept is popping up.

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This comic needs to take a cue from the newspaper strip. Spider-man brought a giant vacuum cleaner to a fight so he could capture Flint and get him to talk. It worked.
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Uh, that's how he captured Flint in their very first fight ever -- also written by Stan Lee, mind you.

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really dig this art
shame it's being used on post-OMD spidey
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[personal profile] skalja 2009-12-16 02:06 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, BND has a lot of good art which is completely wasted. Especially Marcos Martin, who I wanted to see on Spidey for years and now, aaaargh.