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Amazing Spiderman #615 preview

I do so love these haunting images on the preview for Amazing Spiderman #615.
IGN has the preview. And we know that current Dext- I mean Peter Parker will find some way to screw this up.

The theme with the Gauntlet story arc seem to be how Spidey screws up the personal, non-villain lives of one of his rogue gallery and they want payback.

This is really simple and beautiful, capturing the joy of what it's like to be a kid and have a nurturing Sandman as a father. And yet.. it's so fragile, like castles made of sand.
And the darkness of the color of the sand does bring much foreboding.

I am reminded of the one truly great scene in Spidey 3 where Flint begins his new life as a man made of sand, and the emotional strength that made him whole came the love of his daughter and a sense of purpose and being to be with her again.
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Yeah, BND has a lot of good art which is completely wasted. Especially Marcos Martin, who I wanted to see on Spidey for years and now, aaaargh.