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Learn the true meaning of X-mas with Green Lantern and the Flash!

Holiday times continue as our hapless heroes learn that it isn't all about presents!

Let's kick off with a requested story, "The Present", written by Devin Grayson, with art by Will Rosado and Sal Buscema, our first story from from DCU Holiday Bash #2 (1998)! About three and a third out of ten pages.
[personal profile] scottyquick, this one's for you!

Kyle's got some last-minute (literally! it's 7pm on X-mas Eve!) shopping to do, and the only person around to help was Connor (he was hoping for Wally, super-speed and all, but he was done for the night).

Suddenly, the power dies throughout the mall! Kyle lights the way with his ring, but there are till people stuck between the exit doors! It turns out to be the handiwork of one man, who hacked the power through a display model PC (?!) in one of the stores, then grabbed a shotgun to teach everyone a lesson about what awful heathens they are for their consumerism.

While Connor tries to calm the maddened crowd pushing against the doors, Kyle knocks the shotgun out of our gunman's hand and locks him in an action figure box (!), but not before the man's grabbed, wait for it, a nun!

Moving along, Kyle is a pretty bad negotiator.

Kyle throws his hands up at this as the crowd tries crushing Connor against the door.

It's all up to the nun now.

Kyle's no good at negotiation, and crowd control isn't working out for Connor, so they trade places.

The guy doesn't understand, so Connor has him give him the knife for an object lesson.

The guy complains how that makes no sense and demands his knife back! He's a real kidder, that one. And the same time, Kyle gets the doors open! The day is saved!
(for those of you following at home, Connor was talking about the fact that the bad guy no longer had the knife)

As they resume their shopping, Connor still doesn't get the deal with presents. He already has what he needs, why does he need more? Kyle says it's an acknowledgement of their friendship, so Connor suggests that a verbal acknowledgement of his appreciation for each of the Leaguers would be more meaningful than silly knick-knacks.

Oh Kyle.

Our next story, from DCU Holiday Bash #1 (1997), is "Present Tense", written by Brian Augustyn and Mark Waid, with art by Paul Ryan and Dick Giordano. About two and a half pages from eight.

It's twenty minutes till Wally West and Linda Park's X-mas party, and Wally's sure he's gotten his notoriously hard-to-shop-for then-girlfriend the perfect gift. A rather tacky microwave, billed as the fastest on earth. "Illegal in nine states." Projecting much, Flash?

Anyway, he's looking for the tape when he walks in on Lind talking on the phone with her mother.

silly boy can't even dress himself. really, Wally, where did you get that sweater?

Anyway, Wally rushes out of the house to get a better gift. He recalls the conversation, but none of the words it contained, being distracted by a sweater uglier than the one he was wearing. He decides to go the safe route and grab a scarf.

The stores in Central City have already closed, so he runs ahead to L.A. and decides that make-up'd make a good present. After he's picked the most expensive case they have, he notices that same ugly sweater from before. The clerk asks if Linda is a summer or a winter.

Running further to Hawaii, he head to a curio shop and picks out a random ring. The place is crawling with those damn sweaters.

He's late for the party now, but he can't give up. His last chance is in Hong Kong, but he just can't find anything that screams "Linda!" at him. He does, however, find another shop full of those ugly sweaters. He decides to slow down for a second and think about what Linda might've said. As he's watching the crowd pass by him, he finally gets it.

And that's why Wally and Linda don't do presents.
hey, that's Bart and Max standing next to the tree! :D

Tomorrow: Two X-mas shorts by Ty Templeton, featuring Darkseid and Etrigan!
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[personal profile] levyrasputin 2009-12-16 09:50 am (UTC)(link)
Might be my RENT-indoctrined mind, but I'm pretty sure I saw Kyle kind of quoting Tune up #1 in the first panel, and even the robber's woman is called Maureen. Curious enough, if not intentional...

Wally & Linda story was extremely cute as well, thanks for sharing, it definitely put me in a good loving mood *^ ^*

"He's my brother!" "...We're close."

[personal profile] redstar 2009-12-18 10:05 am (UTC)(link)
RENT just collided with the Arrowfamily in my head, and now I can't rid myself of the mental image of Dinah and Hal doing the tango while complaining about Ollie. They even both have jackets to dramatically discard beforehand!
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Re: "He's my brother!" "...We're close."

[personal profile] levyrasputin 2009-12-18 10:26 am (UTC)(link)
ahahahah! awesome...=)

I've always been persuaded Mia would make a pretty pale, yet fantastic Mimi! <3

Re: "He's my brother!" "...We're close."

[personal profile] redstar 2009-12-18 10:00 pm (UTC)(link)
She'll have to be- I briefly went to the mental place where teenaged junkie-era Roy was trying to seduce Dinah with a song relying heavily on arrow-related double entendres, but Dinah can only be in one place at a time. Maybe Mia's Mimi and Roy's Roger?
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Re: "He's my brother!" "...We're close."

[personal profile] levyrasputin 2009-12-18 10:21 pm (UTC)(link)
I approve of Roy!Roger wholeheartly ^____________^

and Connor won't made a bad Collins at all, he has that greatness of heart..
sad thing, we are out of a good Mark...

Re: "He's my brother!" "...We're close."

[personal profile] redstar 2009-12-18 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Well, Ollie's Maureen, right? So Hal's Joanne and Dinah's gotta be Mark. She won't mind rooming with Roy, and, like I said, tango.
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Re: "He's my brother!" "...We're close."

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...Mh, yes, I like that =) you actually inspired me to draw Starcity!Rent a lot.. we need an Angel, too. Even if the original Angel/Connor would be an all kind of epic pairing.. ° °<3