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Madcap was a deeply religious fellow whose entire family was killed in a grotesque accident that made him incapable of feeling pain, with a healing factor Deadpool would envy. He also gained the power to make people lose their inhibitions. After losing his mind due to his trauma and deciding all life was a nihistic joke, he started wearing the clown outfit and run around getting himself horribly mutilated while laughing or shooting people with a bubble gun and making them as crazy bold as himself.

I am not sure I understand the thinking that made him hire himself out as a merc for the forces of evil in Ghost Rider: Heaven's On Fire. 2 pages from issue 4.

Plot? Er, unscrupulous anti-heroes are defending the world (and Heaven). Ghost Rider villains like Scarecrow below are teaming up to pile on! And Madcap. He may have gotten lost. He may be working for an evil angel, I forget.

Damion Hellstrom apparently was emo enough to shave his head after Marvel Divas. And grow a stupid beard. The chick below is an ex-girlfriend. She is also a pagan terrorist or rogue cultist or something that looks terribly evil but fights for free will.

I do like the "Oh, you think YOU'RE scary bad guys?" of that last panel there.

Madcap seems very off his game in this book, possibly because there's way too many supernatural critters and demons and angels and talk of a real live afterlife messing with his worldview. Got to wonder if this encounter will inspire actual character development..

Date: 2009-12-18 11:46 am (UTC)
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... That's way too coherent for Madcap. Madcap talked like Freakazoid before Freakazoid existed.


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