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It's X-Mas Eve (or at least it still was when i started writing this!), and holiday times are hitting their peak! In honor of the big guy's imminent arrival, this one's for ol' Kris Kringle!

Our story today is "The Man In Red" written by Matt Cherniss and Peter Johnson, with art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. About two and two-thirds of eight pages.

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Baby is rocketed away from a doomed planet, lands on Earth...

Taken in by a kindly couple.

Grows up to discover strange and wondrous abilities.

Filled with overwhelming urge to use these powers to help mankind...

...Sets off on his own, with his alien blankets re-purposed as a uniform.

Uses a crystal from his homeworld to form a fortress in the Artic.

Becomes a hero.


And now, holidays on parade!

If you've enjoyed these stories and would like to read them in full and more like them, these are the issues to track down! Look for them next time you're at your local comics store!

DC Special Series #21 (1980)
Cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Subtitled "Super-Star Holiday Special", this book includes a number of (at the time) original tales, including the Legion story, the House of Mystery story and the first Sgt. Rock story I posted earlier. It additionally has a story featuring Jonah Hex, and "Wanted: Santa Claus--Dead Or Alive!" featuring Batman, a story by Denny O'Neil and a very young Frank Miller.

Christmas With the Super-Heroes #1 (1988)
Cover by John Byrne

I didn't actually post anything from this book, but it reprints the same Legion story as well as the earlier mentioned "Wanted: Santa Claus--Dead Or Alive!" It also reprints the Batman story posted here, along with stories from DC Comics Presents #67, Justice League of America v1 #110 and Teen Titans v1 #13.

Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2 (1989)
Cover by Larry Mahlstedt

A collection of wonderful stories, including this Superman story, this first Wonder Woman story and this Deadman story. The book also includes a Batman story by Dave Gibbons and Gray Morrow, a silent Enemy Ace story by John Byrne and a JLA (well, GL and Flash, really) story by William Messner-Loebs and Colleen Doran! A definite treat, this one!

DCU Holiday Bash #1 (1997)
Cover by Rodolfo Damaggio and Robert Campanella

Here's a fun one. If you've been keeping up with my posts this season, you've actually seen parts of all of the stories in this book. From this Green Lantern story, this Lois story, this Flash story, the Etrigan short here, a Catwoman story here, this two-pager starring Alfred and last but not least, this one with Highfather and Orion, you should have a pretty good idea of whether you'll like this issue or not. I do! It was prolly the first I found, too.

DCU Holiday Bash #2 (1998)
Cover by Scott McDaniel and Kevin Nowlan

This one contains this Devin Grayson story starring Kyle and Connor, a classic two-pager featuring Darkseid and Santa Claus, and this second Sgt. Rock story. But there are more! Also included are a Batman Hanukkah story that I forgot earlier, A JSA story (with a guest appearance by one Jim Gordon!) by Howard Chaykin and Rick Burchett, a short about Superman's cape, a Black Lightning story that I'll be posting later, and a story starring Nightwing and Oracle by Devin Grayson and Brian Stelfreeze! Plus, it has these X-mas bonuses by Rick Burchett!

DCU Holiday Bash #3 (1999)
Cover by Rodolfo Damaggio and Robert Campanella

Including our second Wonder Woman story, the Robin story here, and a short featuring the Joker. Also within this issue is the impulse story post , this story featuring the World's Finest, and stories featuring Bat Lash and the Slab's inmates! Not to mention a Sergio Aragones pin-up!

Infinite Holiday Special (2006)
Cover by Howard Porter

A Scans_Daily favorite! Beyond the absolute classic that is Yes Tyrone, There Is A Santa Claus, this one-of-a-kind gem also features a Batwoman story, another featuring Shadowpact, another one with Supergirl and yesterday's story from Bart's stint as the Flash. Not posted is one with the newly-resurrected Hal Jordan and a Trials of Shazam story with awful art. Seek this one out!

DC Universe Holiday Special (2008)
Cover by Frank Quitely

Alongside bookend pin-ups by Sterling Gates and Karl Kerschl, last year's special includes this Huntress story, tonight's story, and all these stories here! In addition, it has a Batman story by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen, a Doctor Light story, and an Aquaman story no one cares about because it was written by Didio.

DC Universe Holiday Special '09 (2009)
Cover by Dustin Nguyen

Featuring an Angel and the Ape short, maybe the last Wally story we'll have in a while ):, a summary of Hanukkah with Ragman, a silent Batman tale, and our third Sgt. Rock story, and a whole lot more! The Source has been posting samples from this issue over the last couple weeks, so go take a look! I particularly enjoyed the Martian Manhunter story by Fred Van Lente and Nick Dragotta.
Your LCS may still have copies!

In addition to these, there are some other notable holiday specials that I don't personally have. (covers and info courtesy of

Limited Collectors' Edition C-34 (1975)
Cover by Nick Cardy

Subtitled "Christmas With the Super-Heroes", this issue features reprints of Action Comics #117, Batman #239, Captain Marvel Adventures #69, and Teen Titans #13, as well as a new Angel and the Ape story!

Limited Collectors' Edition C-43 (1976)

Also subtitled "Christmas with the Super-Heroes", this one reprints Adventure Comics #82, Batman #219, House of Mystery #191 and Sensation Comics #14.

Batman Adventures Holiday Special (1994)
Cover by Bruce Timm

Containing a five DCAU tales, including White Christmas and The Harley and The Ivy.

A DC Universe Christmas TPB (2000)
Cover by Ty Templeton

Collecting stories from Adventure Comics #82, Captain Marvel Adventures #69, House of Mystery #191, Sensation Comics #14, Superman's Christmas Adventure, Teen Titans #13, the enemy Ace story from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2, The Legion and Batman stories from DC Special Series #21, the Flash story from DCU Holiday Bash #1, the Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Superman and Darkseid stories from DCU Holiday Bash #2, the Robin, Bat Lash and Impulse stories from DCU Holiday Bash #3, and the Harley/Ivy story from the Batman Adventures Holiday Special. A certain treasure if you can find it!

Tomorrow: We may be taking a break from the DC stories, but we're not through yet! Next time, drop in with me to Snap City and see how Madman spends his holidays!

Date: 2009-12-25 07:07 am (UTC)
saphire_dance: (Wonder Woman)
From: [personal profile] saphire_dance
Those are the most doggish looking reindeer I have ever seen and I saw a guy taking his reindeer for a walk downtown yesterday

Date: 2009-12-25 08:00 pm (UTC)
star_of_airdrie: (Bindi)
From: [personal profile] star_of_airdrie
the reindeer look like Basenjis - see icon, that's Bindi at 10 weeks

Date: 2009-12-25 08:13 am (UTC)
jjgalahad: (New Number 6's "Nerd!")
From: [personal profile] jjgalahad
Batman (the one grimacing in Santa's Workshop): "I hate this. I hate this place, I hate all of you, goddamit, NO, I don't want a teddy bear Jordan, stop fucking patronizing me, and get your damn hand off me Nightwing or so help me GOD, I will break all your fingers. Fucking Christmas! Fucking Santa! Fucking elves! I'm the Goddamn Batman!

. . . my parents are dead."

And apropos of nothing, the way Selina's dangling the mistletoe and pouncing on Kyle in that 'ornament reflection' cover is strangely adorable.

Date: 2009-12-25 09:17 am (UTC)
proteus_lives: (Default)
From: [personal profile] proteus_lives
In the '89 one, Diana has a lot of junk in her trunk!

Date: 2009-12-25 01:20 pm (UTC)
kamino_neko: Kamino Neko's mildly shocked icon. (Mild shock)
From: [personal profile] kamino_neko
And Arthur wants to hit it.

Date: 2009-12-25 09:54 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] psychopathicus_rex
Just how much sense Santa being from Krypton would make, I really have no idea, but I will say that his workshop looks a hell of a lot better than the collection of jutting crystals that Supes wound up with. Seriously, if Santa's workshop DOESN'T look something like that, it SHOULD. It's really rather beautiful - those Scandinavian designs above the door just WORK with him in ways I can't really articulate.
Also - wow, what a heartwarming bunch of covers! I especially love the one with the JLA helping the elves make toys, and the one where they're examining their Christmas presents. Additionally, that one where Supes is carrying the sleigh is rather interesting, along with being pretty - this may be the one cover I've ever seen that features DC's Big Three, Cain, the later-edition Sandman and Sandy, AND Santa on one cover. Truly, it is a sight to behold. (Also, that Nguyen one with the snowmen is just ADORABLE. Beast Boy high-fiving a happy little girl over their collaborative snowman? Classic!)
I am feeling nice and happy and Christmassy right now, and looking forward to tomorrow, Thanks a lot for these posts!

Date: 2009-12-25 03:11 pm (UTC)
skjam: Man in blue suit and fedora, wearing an eyeless mask emblazoned with the scales of justice (Default)
From: [personal profile] skjam
"Santa knows we're all God's children,
and that makes everything right;
hang your stockings and say your prayers,
'Cause Santa Claus comes tonight."

Love that song.

Date: 2009-12-25 03:51 pm (UTC)
nezchan: Savage Ladybird and Electrocute from the BD Maliki (heart)
From: [personal profile] nezchan
That workshop scene contains the absolute HAPPIEST Wonder Woman I've ever seen! I approve.

The world needs more happy WW.

Date: 2009-12-26 05:17 am (UTC)
lamashtar: Shun the nonbelievers! Shun-na! (Default)
From: [personal profile] lamashtar
Superman's present is lined with lead! ROFL

Date: 2009-12-26 10:36 pm (UTC)
sistermagpie: Classic magpie (Default)
From: [personal profile] sistermagpie
I love his face as he tries to look through it anyway.

Date: 2009-12-27 01:25 am (UTC)
lamashtar: Female Batman in bikini (Bat-torso)
From: [personal profile] lamashtar
And Batman is shaking his. :)

Date: 2009-12-28 12:54 am (UTC)
pallas_athena: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pallas_athena
All that and everyone's stockings too. I love this cover.

Length of stocking for maximum Christmas present volume is clearly something more superheroes should think about when designing their costumes.


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