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LOL typical liberal not respectin' yer sacred day. The political re-education of GI Joe continues! Onward to Issue 6, Comrade!

Wow, sometime in mid-1982 Herb Trimpe kicked it up a notch. See, this is what good perspective drawing can do for you.

The first time I posted this critique I called Jack Abel a clumsy inker. I think I may have been somewhat hasty. Looking over this again, I find myself very impressed by his clean, clear style.

When he died in 1996 Jim Shooter wrote a truly moving obituary about him, so I'm a bit sentimental. Couldn't find the obit but in the process of googling I found this quote:

Gene Colan [1]: "He did a lot of 'Iron Man' with me. He had a very slick line, which was okay on 'Iron Man', of course. Iron Man was made of iron, so you want it to look like metal. But when it came to stone and dark corners and garbage [laughs], he wasn't the man for that."

That would seem to sum it up for me. The faces in this book are very narrow and objects do not quite seem to "sit" atop each other. Expressions are a mixed bag. Depth is definitely there.

Raise your hand if this comic was the first place you ever saw a map of Afghanistan. *me!*

Hama obviously thinks reports of UFOs are secret military experiments. I don't think he believes in aliens, either. I'd be curious to hear his opinion of the Dyatlov Incident...

They go on the mission.


By the way for those following along from Facebook, we have a rule here that no more than 1/3 of a comic can be posted, which is why I cut up pages and blank them out. Sorry, believe me. I'd much rather just show the whole work, and I think this concept supports that, but copyright law has yet to catch up to modern world. And by "catch up" I mean "get the f*** the way out of."

Cool. Love love LOVE this page.

If you see a CIA guy in GI Joe comics, there is a 100% chance he will be an asshole.

See? Asshole.

Wouldn't it be funny if that guy was Osama Bin Laden?

That top panel is a good example of the style of the book. I'm not sure how much was Abel and how much was Trimpe. I think Abel organized this panel.

You have the most massive, hardest blacks in the front, followed by a slightly more feathered area, and in the distance it's just lightly hatched. It pulls the eye in. But an interesting "mistake" was made -- Abel continued the (counter-intuitive) hatching of the mountains (because mountains have very few sharp vertical lines like that) across the vehicle. Not only that, but the wheels of the vehicle are hard solid shapes. This make it look like the thing recedes, that the top is very much further away than the bottom. This could have worked if the rest of the panel did not directly contradict it -- because it's an eye-level landscape, and the depth cues tell us that it is far away.

He probably would have been better off darkening the front wheels and leaving the back wheels blue.

Anyway, they never made that toy. After this issue you never see it again.

The CIA guy is an asshole.

The Joes like their car.

This whole issue is full of toys that they never got around to making. I love how they give a shout-out to every October Guard member and the tires.

The first time "y'all" and "haven't" have ever been used in the same sentence. NO-PRIZE: Scarlett was in such a rush that she dropped her accent. And she never uses it again. Seriously -- that's it for Scarlett and her accent, from now on she talks "normal."

Sparks of good art. Lots of bad. I like the Colonel (especially in the middle), I like the last panel. The top tier is awful, completely unreadable. The colorist really fell down there. The attention to space and background are the only salvation -- it lets the reader compartmentalize that fight. In essence, the reader says "alright, there's this one place that I don't understand, but over here Grunt and the Colonel are duking it out and that makes sense." Grunt looks like crap, too.

The characters can be hard to tell apart, I know. At the beginning there was a bunch of olive-drab look-alikes only separated by their style of helmet.

By the way it just this second occurred to me how funny it is when conservatives mix up the Taliban with communism. Nooooooooo I don't think so.

The Joes and Russians are both captured by Cobra! Cobra Commander shows up and orders his troops to line them up in a ravine and shoot them. You'd think that would solve it. But, for some reason, that never seems to work.

Next is #7, in which the Joes invade Iran. It's okay. The Russians invade too.

Happy holidays, and Merry War on X-Mas! DON'T LET THOSE ELVES WIN!

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"That raises a question -- what good is it that they do? Can we point to anything they've done that's an unequivocable win?"

Every nation needs a foreign intelligence agency. They provide information beneficial to their government. A good example is the Cold War where info on Troop movements, nuke secrets and anti-espionage activities would put the US on better footing in the worst case scenario.

Like I said. Oversight, we can't be without a intelligence agency so control is needed to make sure that this necessary gray-area doesn't go all the way black.


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