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A last minute Christmas treat!

Well, it's less than 10 minutes (local time) until the 6th of January, Twelfth night, the Feast of Epiphany when it is traditional to take down Christmas decorations, so I just have time to slip this in under the wire. A couple of DC's official invitations to their annual Christmas party.

As you might hope, these are a little more creative than many such invitations

Now who could THAT be holding the "tree" together?

Oh, THIS is going to end well isn't it?

Wheeeeeeeee! Bleurgh.....

Take THAT usurpers of Saturnalia!

I removed the RSVP details as that was getting a bit specifically personal....

And from 1983, methinks someone in 1982 complained about the either the food not being terribly good, or else the affair wasn't terribly tasteful....

For legality, the crackiest superhero Christmas image I could find, courtesy of none other than that King of the Krackling Krack - Jack Kirby

And as it was in the same google search I had to include this, which is a Japanese Christmas ornament... Is it TOO weird that I think I want one? It's the rollerskates that do it!