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If you suddenly got superpowers, you'd do these tests as well

One page from the preview of Buffy Season 8 #32, written by Brad Meltzer.


For those unsure, that's a Fastball Special chained to leaping a tall building in a single bound. Meltzer sort of fun when he tries to be.
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I first heard about Beltzer writing the Buffy comic about two years ago (I think). I wondered if the first issue of Meltzer's run would just be Buffy, Willow and Xander looking at a stack of pictures and talking about who to let in the New Scooby Gang. Perhaps Joss and Co. had that fear as well.

The perfect circle around Buffy's landing zone (there's a dirty joke there) implies there's more going on than a massive increase in strength. Some form of tactile telekinesis, perhaps?
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Buffy = Kon y/n? Actually, TTK would almost make this whole thing make sense. *nodnod*

...If Buffy=Kon, though, then Xander=Tim by my estimations, which gives me even more reason to not ship Xander and Dawn like current canon seems to want me to.

But Buffy/Xander negates the Spike/Xander that I so love, unless it's instead Buffy/Xander/Spike... but my Buffy-verse (and Angel-verse, I suppose) fanon threesomes of choice are generally Buffy/*Angel*/Spike, Tara/Willow/Oz, and Fred/Wesley/Gunn.

Gaaaah... There are so many reasonable pairings of main characters in this universe. Except that I'm not always liking the pairings that end up canon. Like, WTF is with Willow/Kennedy? I don't mind Kennedy; I just don't ship her with Willow. (And is it just me, or did anyone else get the feeling that there was totally something going on between Giles and Ethan Rayne, at least at some point in the distant past?)

And now I'm just totally off topic. Feel free to ignore me.