Date: 2010-01-13 06:16 pm (UTC)
It wasn't just Jurgens, though. Slightly before Zero Hour there had been a Justice Society ongoing, set in the modern day after the JSA returned from limbo. It was written by Len Straziewski and drawn by the late, great Mike Parobeck and was really entertaining. It also introduced Jesse Quick.

However, the DC powers that were at the time (in the form of some unspecified editors) felt that DC was suffering by showing "old people in costumes", and Justice Society was pulled after only ten or so issues, and then Jurgens was instructed to get rid of the JSA in Zero Hour to pave the way for some "extreme new heroes" to pick up their legacies, like the merger Hawkman (whose title I read and it was really REALLY bad) and "Fate" (the guy who got killed off in the first issue of JSA).

Basically it was the exact opposite situation of today. The golden age and silver age were seen as hokey and undesireable, things to be shuffled under the carpet and forgotten, the characters basically cannon fodder for big events.

At least Zero Hour gave us Starman...
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