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The Brave and the Bold #31


Joker is dying and the doctors at Arkham Asylum call the Atom. His unique, diminutive abilities are needed to save him from a complicated neurological condition. The Atom at first is reluctant to help save the Joker life because it's the Joker,he agrees to it once he finds out that in trying to save the criminal, he very well might end up killing him. Also being guilt into it because after all he suppose to help people being a hero and everything.

While in the joker body atom get overcome by mr. j firing brain synapses and see memories of his life.

It show other crimes that joker committed throughout his life,but unfortunately not the dip in the chemical bath.

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Gah! Supposedly canonical Joker origins... never a good idea... Please let this be one of the "multiple choice" answers
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well you have to realize that the Joker's mind is messed up to begin with (kudos to the Dark Knight stuff:)

I take for cannon the Killing Joke version (*sigh* despite the whole, crippling of Barbara thing) the Joker's mind is so messed up that even HE doesn't know what his true origin was. so yeah this could be his origin, or it could be one of the origins, or only one of the scenes coudl be real. personally i like the psuedo DK origin where he just wants to make the world as crazy as he is.

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Brave and the Bold, remember--it's basically only continuity if you want it to be.

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And The Atom is supposed to want to save this cesspool's life because...?
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The Atom is supposed to be necessary to save his life because?

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This kind of thing is a terrible story to tell. The Joker shouldn't be alive because some goddamn hero has to take his every brush with death to prove that they are totally 100% committed to the unconditional sanctity of human life, it should be because he's like a crazy human cockroach. This guy can fall into a giant-ass smokestack from a moving train and come out alive, with an intact skeleton even! He needs the Atom's help like he needs a concrete origin.

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They actually acknowledged that--at first Atom refuses when he hears the plan, but only decides to go when he finds out he might not live even if he does the job right.
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Yeah, if they'd even gone with "If we don't save his life, we'll never know who he has turned into a human bomb full of concentrated Joker toxin somewhere in Washington..."
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He kind of looks like Hank Venture in that jacket.
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Blatant The Dark Knight movie reference ahoy!

But seconding the whole hope that this is just one of many potential pasts. I really dislike the idea of him being bad from birth, BTW.
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I really dislike the idea of him being bad from birth, BTW.

Me too.

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Hm, where is that last page from? I know the first panel is from The Dark Knight, but the sequence after that sounds very familiar. I just can't place it.

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Yeah, kinda hoping a Robin or someone swung out and saved suit-and-tie guy at the end, there.
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Superfangirl1 what are Bruce and Alfred thinking about in your icon? It's so cute and I've seen it before but I can't remember what it is they're contemplating.
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Isn't that the one where Alfred's decorating the Bat cave with trophies? (One of the many origins of the giant penny etc.?)

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The Joker needs to be toned down a lot. The Killing Joke should, in my opinion, be one of the worst things he's ever done, not the prelude to what he has now become.

The character just seems broken to me now. No society would routinely put him in a revolving door mental asylum after what he's done. Any hero who actually goes out of his way to save the Joker's life these days should be viewed as an accessory to murder.

With each new crime he goes further and further over the top, and with each subsequent capture it becomes less and less believable that any society would choose not to put him to death. Either kill the character or tone him back already.
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Yes. The scariness should be in the unpredictable nature. He's not unpredictable if he's just always looking for the new way to kill as many people as possible.

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I guess mamma never told him not to put matches in his eye.
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I actually like this. Or I'm blinded by the cute little psychopath, d'aw.
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*backs away slowly*

*runs away to Australia*

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Worst. Joker Origin. Ever.
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Nah.. that Batman Confedentional one still is to me.
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Evil little fish on his lunchbox approves of the hair pulling. Kid's adorable; I blame the art. As a possible origin it's okay, I guess. Burning the house down? ...Nice. (But what about the windows?)
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As much as I like stories that go away from "The Killing Joke", I don't like the idea of him not going crazy from the chemical bath. That's why I prefer Paul Dini's version.
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blah, i don't want a joker origin . . .
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Man, I will never understand Arkham Asylum. Joker is dying of natural causes, God is calling the insane mass murderer home, so to speak, and you decide HE NEEDS SAVING.

Why would you do that? Just let nature take its course and hope that it happens quickly.
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Now that I think about it, I almost think they're trying to keep him from being a martyr of sorts. Think about it, there's been times where they've shown there's people who downright worship Joker.
The flash rogues cause hell in the name of a fellow rogue when they die... even when they've fallen down a bit. And they're the sane organized for the most part SANE ones. Just imagine what would happen if Joker actually bit the big one and all his groupies start causing shit in his name? you may be down to less intelligent Jokers... but you've got greater numbers that could cause different shit at the same time. Not such a good thing there.
Mind you, this is going on 3 hours of sleep and a lot of tea and soda. XD

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