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Detective Comics #861

Batwoman's new relationship?

The issue flips between Bruce!Batman working on a case in the past and Kate working on one in the present. The present day case involves is a crazy named the "Cutter" who is kidnapping college co-eds and hacking off pieces of their body. Kate finds one of the girls being held and battles the Cutter. Which leads to these two pages.

They contrast these pages with Bruce!Batman in a similar meeting with Gordon so clearly Maggie is being positioned as potentially Kate's Jim Gordon. I like the idea of Kate having her own contact in the police department. It will be interesting to see if it is indeed Maggie and if they'll have any follow up on the flirting between them from a few issues back. That would add an interesting twist to the relationship.

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char: batwoman/kate kane
char: maggie sawyer
title: detective comics