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There is this one image that is causing all kinds of commotion over at the CBR boards, and since I have yet to make it to my comic shop, I thought I'd share what I found online. CBR Forums has the most dailed down and honest discussion so far, but I thought this group here could do better at translating the art before us.

Or another form of Vulcan mind meld.

Just like in the other instance where the Star Sapphire showed Kyle and Soranik their hearts desire, Diana breaks through the rage and into the realm of passion within Red Lantern Mera, and a feed back occurs.

Lots to talk about, but I would focus on one of the images.

Would we call it canon that Diana does not see Trevor or another of the other romantic men in her life, but Bruce Wayne? And I see Silver Swan III, as signs of her anger and rage.
And is that Devastation or young Diana getting crowned princess?
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