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Four pages from Doom Patrol #7...

This issue clearly takes place after Blackest Night, though there isn't anything in the way of spoilers for that event.

Well, a lot certainly happened this issue: Crazy Jane returned, as did the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, an Injustice Gang-type mirror Doom Patrol has begun to assemble, Rocky of the Challengers of the Unknown reminded everyone why the Challs are awesome, and Veronica Cale essentially kicked the Doom Patrol out of their home.

And on top of all that, we have a status update on a Justice League International alum:

God, is that supposed to be some ugly-as-sin wig on Oberon's head?


And one page of the DP themselves, recovering from Blackest Night...

I really liked this scene. Both strange and strangely touching, as everything Doom Patrol ought to be. One of my favorite things about this latest version of the series is the emphasis on the unique, strong bond between the three main leads.

title: doom patrol, group: doom patrol, creator: keith giffen, publisher: dc comics, creator: matthew clark
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