Date: 2010-02-06 05:00 am (UTC)
mad: (Batman)
From: [personal profile] mad
so you'd think he would see it with Cass as well. He'd want Cass to be at least as balanced as he thought he himself could be.

I think it's that at this time, Bruce was maybe struggling with the fact that he has this big family-team, and as you say, may feel guilty over that and worries that he's not serving the mission properly. So when he sees Cass fighting with a similar motivation and feeling, it makes him feel justified that being single-minded about the Mission, that neglecting other parts of his life is what's best. And from that he starts to believe that it's what's best for him and for her as well.

Or maybe I'm just looking for excuses to justify batdickery. XD
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