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Mia joins the Teen Titans

I thought I'd make a happy Arrow post to offset the crap that is GA/BC.

Green Arrow #46 (which has a gorgeous cover btw)

Without asking or mentioning it to Mia, Ollie decides to take her to SanFran and dump her in Titans Tower. Which is probably where she needs to be to escape from her mentor's gigantic hand.

You are Speedy II so you must do everything Roy did! Hence the naked original Titans and heroin in the cargo hold. Also, I hired an Asian man to impregnate you. Later we will replace your arm with justice.

I love that Ollie has no trouble telling her she's family. Holy moly, Cyborg, you're huge!! O.O

So she meets the Titans who make brief mention of Arrowette which is awkward. Ollie suggests Mia spar with someone on the team.

When I think of Arrow-Bat rivalry, I always think Black Cat.

Tim and Mia have a staring contest (later there were thumb wars).

They duke it out thanks to Cyborg's weird Jamiroquai floors. She gets in a few good shots but ultimately loses due to some bizarre butt-grabbing move I can only assume Bruce traumatized his Robins with during training.

Gah, Tim, you look so frightening! And why the face in the crotch? You're skeeving me out!

Even though she loses, Ollie is a proud papa.

What kind of beer does Wonder Woman like?

Eventually, Mia did tell them she had HIV and I wish I could find the scan because it was quite sweet. Bart confessed to stealing Beast Boy's underpants to make her feel better. :)

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(I'm relatively new to S_D so I'm honestly too chicken to post anything in fear of me violating some copyright law or what have you but) This happens a week before Teen Titans #21 as said by Tim. Mia arrives in San Fran by cab and takes this secret, underwater pod to Titans Island. On the next page you see Robin, SB, KF, WG, Raven and BB in a training exercise to take down what looks like Crazy!Cyborg. She takes him out in like 2 seconds with a freezing arrow mistaking that Cyborg was 'malfunctioning'. Tim corrects her saying it's just a training exercise.

She also disses Conner.

Then the Dr. Light saga happens.

Then in issue 23 she tells the team she has HIV and KF tells everyone he's been stealing BB's underwear.
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Then in issue 23 she tells the team she has HIV and KF tells everyone he's been stealing BB's underwear.

And Kon pointedly does not tell anyone that he's 50% Luthor. Maybe someone would have asked if that meant Kon gets Luthor's money.