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Why you should pick up Manhunter:Origins

That scene never fails to make me so sad =[ .

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Y'know, if you've GOT to kill off your heroes, you should at least throw in a few scenes like this. Generally, it seems to play out like just another plot point - sometimes you'll see the killing, sometimes not; either way, there'll be a splash page with one of their fellow heroes looking all serious and saying "(fill in the black)... is DEAD", and then there'll be a few scattered pages of various people going "He's dead? I can't believe it!", and then there'll be a big explosion or something, and everyone will forget about it, unless editorial policy demands otherwise. Heroes deserve better than that - they're PEOPLE, dammit. Fictional, yes, but in the context of their fictional universe, they are people, and they deserve more than a quickly forgotten, unmourned death. When people die, they leave a gulf behind in the minds of their friends and family, and tears rush in to fill it - a hero deserves more than a few isolated teardrops, they deserve a tide of them. And Firestorm always struck me as a really nice guy - he deserved a memorial. It's nice to see he got one.

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Yes, completely. Partly I liked this because I read Firestorm a long time ago and there were some awesome issues. This was a nice sendoff and I didn't hate the new guy.