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More Mad Titan news...

First, let me get it out of the way.

We. Are So. F'ed.

Feel better. Ok,
Marvel interviews the writers behind the ideas where the Marvel Universe cosmic stories will be headed in their 2010 event. Let me give you a hint.

The Annihilation: Conquest and War of Kings events, while relatively awesome, felt like something was lacking. Something major. Well, we got our wish granted.

Thanos is back, and he has a plan.
To quote Starfox (Infinity Gauntlet #5):
"I pray for a quick death, because I feel the universe is something I no longer wish to be a part of."

A quote from the interview.

    "As readers will soon see in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #24 & #25, Thanos is back, so that's the biggest deal of all," says Abnett of the upcoming epic. "There isn't a cosmic bad guy as bad as Thanos, so in simple terms this is everyone versus him-but with a twist! This time, you have the good guys on one side [and] Magus and his Dark Gods on the other with Thanos standing directly in the middle!"

Bring it!

writer: Dan Abnett
writer: Andy Lanning
char: Thanos of Titan
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