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You asked for it, so here comes the second part of the WFT mini-series presenting the first encounter of Tim and Kon.

In order to stop Poison Ivy and Superboy, Tim snatched the kryptonite ring out of the bat-cave (secretly, remember that Bruce currently isn't in Gotham) and took off to Hawaii, accompanied by Alfred. On Hawaii Poison Ivy is checking out the setting and busy strangling a poor dog to death... *shakes fist*

Tim and Alfred arrive on Hawaii, as does Metallo, who took the form of a metal package and sent himself to "Mr. Mel Tallo"... right. However, he can't find fitting clothes and looks for something that doesn't draw attention to him:

The tv news report about a "super weed" taking over Kauai, which is now Tim's and Alfreds new destination. On Kauai, agents of the department of agriculture approach Superboy and Ivy in a helicopter. Trying to stop them, Superboy and the helicopter fly further away from Ivy and her influence on him wears off.

Aaw. But he already is there! When Robin investigates the island he meets Metallo, who noticed the kryptonite radiation and wants to have the ring. Robin can shake him off by luring him into a lake.

And THEN Metallo comes around the corner, destroying a lot of trees, pissing Ivy off and trying to get the ring from her. Distracted as he is, he doesn't notice Robin jumping on him and gaining control of Metallo's thinkpad: now Robin can manipulate Metallo's movement, but not his weapons. And off they drive through the flora. Superboy on the other hand...

With a good hit behind his back he can knock Ivy out and then put the ring back into its lead box. Robin and Metallo are driving off the cliff, though...

At a press conference Superboy states that he fought Metallo and Ivy all by himself, just as Robin asked him to ("keeping low profile" etc.). The boys meet again on a roof and Robin wants the ring back.

Superboy should get used to that. Oh, and later in the cave... about keeping the whole mission and snatching the ring a secret...

And since there weren't any metal tentacles to post this time, I shall end this entry with the cover:

Vines, a close second.

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