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First look at Batman: Under the Red Hood

Here's the behind-the-scenes look at the Batman: Under the Red Hood movie. I look forward to your comments, S_D.

Bruce Greenwood = OK. The voice seems too gruff, but not at the Christian Bale level so that's OK.
Jensen Ackles = Hmmm. The jury's still out on that one. The line in the preview is kinda bland; I guess he'll really shine at the emotional parts.
NPH = I'll have to admit, he sounds like a total lady killer with that I'm chatty; it's part of my charm line. But in the other line he sounds a bit too young, younger than Jason. Is Dick supposed to be older than Jason?

That's just me. I wanna know S_D's reaction. :)

And for legality: a page that could've invalidated the whole Red Robin thing, from Robin 156.

Recommended tags: char: robin/red hood/jason todd,char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson,char: batman/bruce wayne, title: robin, creator: adam beechen, creator: freddie e. williams ii, medium: movies
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If it helps, I'm probably just really young.
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Ha! You must be. My teen years were in the mid to late 90s, which is why I remember the Real World. ....That's probably around the time you were born, I'm guessing.

......You darn young whippersnappers!
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Lol. August in '93, actually. Close, though.
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Oooh! I'm good. Yeah Detective Skillz!

Apparently, when someone checked out the website, using text-only code, they were able to find out it comes out on July 27th.

Obviously that's not a set in stone date, but seems like it would be close to that time.
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