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X-Treme X-Men #19

I'm fulfilling a request made by [personal profile] auggie18 who asked for the following:

'There's this scene where the X-men are all having dinner in some tropical location and someone remarks upon Storm's tendency to attract villains. Some of the X-men begin imitating villains and professing their love for Storm, cumulating with Jean saying something along the lines of "I, Phoenix, claim this woman as my bride!"'

The scene is roughly 5 1/2 pages out of 23. I apologize if the scans are a bit crooked or slightly blurred on the edges at times. I have the TPB, so I couldn't get the pages as flat as I wanted to. My main priority was just making sure everyone could see the majority of the details and dialogue. Now, as far as attracting villains go, I really do have to agree with Wolverine here:

The scene takes place during the Thanksgiving season in Rogue's new home in the Garden District of New Orleans. It's here that the members of the X-Treme X-Men rest and recover after having saved the world from Khan, a war lord who sought the Earth as the newest conquest for his galactic empire and also coveted Storm as his queen. After accomplishing such a feat, a celebration is certainly in order and making cameos are a few members of the faction of X-Men from Xavier's Institute: Jean, Nightcrawler, Beast, Kitty, and Wolverine.

EDIT: Can you guys still see this okay? I'm not sure why the first five are smaller than the last. I'm certain I resized them all to 800 pixels wide though. Eh, but I can try resizing them again later if anyone has problems seeing the scans.

...And there you have it! Many thanks to [personal profile] auggie18 who requested the scans. I'd forgotten how much I loved this scene! I hope the rest of your enjoyed it as well!

Suggested tags: creator: chris claremont, artist: salvador larroca, publisher: marvel, group: x-treme x-men, title: x-treme x-men, char: storm/ororo munroe, char: sage/tessa, char: lucas bishop, char: marvel girl/phoenix/jean grey, char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: beast/hank mccoy, char: rogue/anna marie, char: gambit/remy lebeau, char: thunderbird/neal shaara, char: lifeguard/heather cameron, char: shadowcat/kitty pride, char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner
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It hurt. I'm guessing that instead of using someone talented like Tom Orzechowski, they tried using software....which highlights how talented Orzechowski actually IS.