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Celebrating Black Superheroes


In honor of Black History Month, I thought I'd celebrate by showcasing a few of my favorite black superheroes (and supervillains) from comics and/or other fandoms with comic tie-ins.

And if you have any favorite black characters from comics or other fandom that you'd love to showcase, then by all means post lists and/or pics in the comments. I would love to see your selections.

Cyborg from Smallville. My man is fine isn't he. Go ahead and look. THAT'S CLOSE ENOUGH!!!!

And speaking of casting win on Smallville, THIS!!!!!!

And just in case you previously missed this:

Over 60 Black Superheroines

An awesome site I found while composing this post:

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I'm not saying it's impossible--I've just only ever read articles where she stated she was only Latino decent. Where have you read otherwise? 'Cause any excuse to read more about Gina is a plus. ;)

[personal profile] goldenbrowngod 2010-03-01 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
Usually I see things that state she's Afro-Latina or of Afro-Cuban descent (just do a google search with Gina Torres and afro-latina and you will find a lot of stuff)

I guess I took that and the fact that she does things like attend ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood lunch It doesn't seem Gina Torres has said she's not Black (but I could be wrong)

As I said people have different views on this type of thing, some people would say they are Afro-Latino and not black others would say they are Afro-Latino and clearly the Afro part states they are Black.

It seemed to me that Gina Torres fell into the later group.