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I too have been the bearer of bad tidings against the new series, mostly because in his entire history on the show Davies wrote a single episode ('Gridlock') where the creativity was not swamped by the need for childishness and thirst to see blood spilled.

I can't stand chavvy old Rose Tyler, I don't like the new Cybermen compared with the classic ones, I'm appalled by the writer's ridiculous need to appeal to the kid's audience first for a sci-fi series originally intended for adults (imagine them remaking a series of Star Trek that way), so that the climax of many episodes seems like it's been written by a 8-year-old - "And then, erm, er, ALL THE DALEKS ARE DISAPPEARED FOREVVER AN' EVER!", "And then the Master dances around and puts the Doctor inna cage 'cos he's silly!", etc. - while simultaneously upping the body count to troubling levels. The last two episodes displayed graphic cannibalism as Christmas teatime entertainment. What?

Also, Simm's Master was rubbish. Give us a new direction, sure, even give us a Master who smiles a bit, but make sure he looks capable of tying his bloody shoelaces together.

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