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I hadn't noticed the racism points, but I think you're right. To be fair, wasn't there another survivor that followed the Doctor on the Titanic? The *second* old rich white guy? >_< And even Kylie had to commit suicide at some point. Gah! It took me years before I would let myself watch that special, and when I finally did, I saw that I'd guessed right, it *was* horrible.

And for all his bullshit -- and I think omnicidal maniacs are generally full of bullshit -- I agree with your family. Davros kind of had a valid point there. Even the Doctor acknowledged that in "The End of Time" with Wilfred -- "I don't kill. I got clever, and manipulated other people into killing themselves". And that's true. And just a little deplorable. But it's hard to be mad at him specifically when it seems to be the entire theme of the show.

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