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Cinderella meets Cinder-fella

Four pages from Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love #5...

Sneaking into the Glass Palace, Ultima Thule's seat of power, Cinderella comes face to face with the new monarch.

creator: chris roberson, creator: shawn mcmanus, title: fables, publisher: vertigo
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Well they already made Charming an asshole and Cinderella a hardened spy/assasin at times and they made the mirror nice but literal so there isn't much else to go with.
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Charming is a war hero!
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Before he was a warhero though he was an asshole who made a life of seducing random women and then leaving them when he got bored.
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AKA The Dream.
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An asshole that does what many men wish they could do is still an asshole.

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Actually, he left them when they wised up ;)