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...and with all the "I'm an Avenger" ads around,let's hear from Cap himself what it means to be an Avenger.


Char: Falcon/Sam Wilson,Char:Captian America/Steve Rogers,Char:Ms.Marvel/Carol Danvers,Group: The Avengers,title: The Avengers,creator: George Perez,Creator: David Michelinie,Publisher: Marvel comics

Cap takes a little time to reflect afterwards

Love the way the snow is used here. Really add alot of mood. :)

Re: If only that ended up being the case..

Date: 2010-03-11 03:12 am (UTC)
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I've checked that out and I agree Captain Awesome (If he can be serious) would a...dare I say it....awesome Cap.

Old school Avengers Cap is awesome, he loved those guys and treated everyone as a comrade.

Re: If only that ended up being the case..

Date: 2010-03-11 01:39 pm (UTC)
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Yeah. He certainly has the look, and likeability. Though I agree on the caveat of whether he could be serious enough. But then I can't really see the candidates they have bringing any gravitas to it either.

They really should have cast older for the part. And maybe have a younger actor playing Steve pre-super soldier serum. They could just excuse the visual age discrepancy in one line about how the serum turns those expeimented on into a fully grown man. That way you could have had someone like say Nathan Fillion or some such, that actually looks a man, and not a kid in the role.

If and when they get to an Avengers movie, Robert Downey Jnr's going to blow whatever kid they have in the role off of the screen.

And yeah I miss old school Avengers Cap. He just is everything that was great about the Avengers..


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