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Two and a quarter scans from Hercules: Fall of an Avenger #1.


Having been thwarted in my first attempt to post part of this issue (because the program somehow deleted my first attempt to put the post together, leaving me to type it up again), here we go again. The ladies' tribute has been posted, but it was, fittingly, the Odinson who kicked things off, describing an early adventure in the realm of the giants, who were conspiring to wipe out the world of Man. Hercules arrived on the scene first, in defiance of Zeus' wishes, and, when Thor arrives to smash things, explains he has already negotiated the giants to a drinking contest.


So, if Herc taught Thor to disobey his father, does that mean that all assholish behaviour pre-Donald Blake was Herc's fault?


char: thor, char: hercules/marvel, char: sub-mariner/namor mckenzie, creator: greg pak, creator: fred van lente, creator: ariel olivetti, title: incredible hercules, publisher: marvel comics
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