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From George Pérez Fan Page on Facebook

Here's one I've been itching to upload, but had to wait for clearance. It's part of a another Hero Initiative fundraiser, this time with 50 artists drawing original art on 50 blank covers of ARCHIE # 600. I couldn't resist drawing my own version of Archie's super team: Pureheart the Powerful, Super Teen, Ms. Vanity, Evilheart and captain Hero. What fun!

I can thoroughly recommend joining the page if you have a Facebook account. Aside from the ongoing presence of GEORGE PEREZ!!!, he's posting a LOT of his work there, commissions, speciality pieces and just today, his original pencils from Legion of Three Worlds, some of which were altered before publication, so you can see it as he originally planned it.

TAGS: creator: george perez, char: archie andrews, title: archie comics, medium: cover

Date: 2010-03-25 03:35 am (UTC)
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I know! The first time I read an Archie superhero comic back when I was a kid I didn't get it at first ether... then it clicked.... hero... sandwich!


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